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  1. Not here for him. He’s a 26 year old meat sack trying to get known. A leech. Like the rest of them. His exercise BS and acting are a joke too. 🤷🏻‍♀️ anyway, love you B❤️
  2. Sis can’t be real. CONservatorship team is going hard trying to derail the public. We’re not here for it.
  3. Go Queen!!! I am so ******* proud of Britney for finally putting her foot down and refusing to work for these scumbags any longer. After 12 years our girl has had enough. Queen, don’t perform or record **** until your money is assured to be YOUR money. The gravy train is coming to an end for these leeches. Also this confirms the BS rumor that Jamie pulled the plug on Domination. Queen wasn’t having none of this **** anymore.
  4. It’s infuriating how much Britney’s family reaps in HER ******* riches while Britney is stuck having to ask permission just to go get a *** **** cheeseburger from McDonald’s. I can’t. How do we get this woman free already?!
  5. I wish I knew how to actually make the image visible on here. Everyone needs to know what this pig looks like
  6. I stopped liking Lynn after her book. She exploited Britney. I know Britney loves her mom. She doesn’t have it in her not to. It’s just so ******* sad Britney truly has nobody who looks out for her best interest without thinking about the money. They were ok pushing her out on her own at 16 to perform all over the word with no family around while they lived lavishly in her riches in Louisiana.
  7. **** Sam. I’ve always thought he was a leach and his recent post proves all he cares about is himself. All he’s interested in is his bull**** workout brand. He’s obsessed with being in Britney’s spotlight when she was doing things. Britney needs a man like Charlie again. Someone who can take care of HER for once.
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