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  1. Bryan said in that interview that she didn't want to be on the circus tour. Remember they paid for Kevin, Victoria and the boys to follow her around Europe at every stop. Absolutely beyond belief she paid for all of that. There was a posting on Dear Jane tiktok a few weeks ago about someone who worked backstage during one of the tours, they posted anon and said that Britney has injectable meds before she goes on stage and between costume changes she doesn't even move. It explains some. The m+GS
  2. Don't forget when BLM trended, JL and Lynne posted about big Rob. Probably because he's the only black person they know. #culturalappropriation
  3. I admit I looked. He is aspiring to be trash. Every surface or table shown is dirty, him talking in a fake rapper voice, bragging about things. Posting a story about weed. I know there's no way to absolve Jamie for his behaviour to Preston, but is it any surprise that he flipped when Kevin's kids act like this.
  4. They are all so messy. Shars daughter had a baby with JL's old castmate Chris Massey. They need to stay away from seeking 5 minutes of fame.
  5. The prenup didn't stop Kevin telling her to buy things. At one point she had five properties mortgaged. People with hundreds of millions don't have mortgages. She was bad with money. The c ship spending documents show places like target now, but what was she doing between 2000-2007, because the c ship says she didn't save hardly any money then.
  6. Because she married Kevin, because she spent it all. Because she has paid the salaries of 100 other people for 13 years.
  7. I don't think this is as deep as people are guessing you guys, to break it down very simply; The address is the same because taxes still need to be paid even on investments and Tristar are tax specialists, so the same address goes down as the tax payers address and Lou taylor is the contact for this account. Happy to be proven wrong, but using a national company to launder money wouldn't have got a whole lot of people disbarred.
  8. Hmm I am skeptical, hardly any of her team from 2012 are still with her. Also, it's money laundering not money laundry... There have been a tonne of britney anons on deuxmoi lately, most all say the same thing. Even one yesterday that she was the reason JLo and Ben affleck split up! And it said this is why Fe is no longer in the circle, because she can't say no to britney. Lou taylor stepped down as her business manager, as in 'the zone', negotiating new residencies etc, but are we 100% she stepped down as her financial consort. Who was jamie going to use before Bessemer were requested? Someone was still filing her finances.
  9. Tristar mentioned because they were the occupants registered tax address. If you look at the property tax history it's been that way for years. He was still living there until last year. No, it only came up last year.
  10. 4. Who knows, JL posted about a month before that he was living with her to recover for a few weeks. This was before anyone knew anything. Yet a few weeks after the cancellation he actually registered a new company in Louisiana for a touring food truck. Domination also was underselling, but what did they expect with no promotion. It seemed like POM at a different hotel. 6 This is likely true and probably is one reason she released Blackout when she did. Bryan mentioned it in that interview when he said she was getting millions in an advance when an album got released. According to an interview Kevin gave in 2006, he said that Brit had signed a 8/9 album contract after OIDIA which would take her up to today. However Nsync still owe an album and have never done it. It's likely she was getting huge payouts on a contract written up in the early 00s. 9 it was Jayden in the vid, sp deliberately avoided the camera like he knew he didn't want to be involved.
  11. I've just watched a max martin doc, did anyone notice that he produced the Juliet musical that Fe was working on last year. I'm assuming Fe and Max Martin are friends? Also if anyone follows Deuxmoi on ig, there's a story about brit and fe on there today, sometime in 2003ish, they call Fe one of Brits 'yes men'??
  12. You're both shameful using an awful example. The fact Lou had to post her bond in itself shows she has zero money This woman has been accused of racism, convicted of theft and went to court with F you written in her manicure Neither of you can say what she does for a job, although if you look on Twitter you will soon find out. It is not admirable. To compare her to Brit is an insult. LL needed a c ship, she's in terrible finances and is on the run from the US for that very reason
  13. Can you or Dina explain what LL 'does' now. Maybe you should Google yatch girls in Dubai Her net worth is also less than $1m She owes book publishers half a million dollars for promising to write a book, taking the advance and never doing it. She left London after not paying her rent in months. She's a mess. She needed a c ship, she could be Emma stone but is jobless, jumping around to whatever she does.
  14. Hmm, did he do it for something else then, a gift or a job opportunity? - I am so confused over why he agreed to do it.
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