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  1. You don't know whether she passed drug tests though because the court case was sealed but the judge had already said she was a frequent drug user. And I'm repeating myself here 🙄 but those statements do not include what she was spending so you do not know either but like I said all her physical assets were mortgaged which doesn't look good, and for a lawyer to actually say she was close to being bankrupt - he will have had justification and proof to say that.
  2. This doesn't prove anything. It firstly doesn't mention what her outgoings expenses were at all - and that's what Wallet was saying, that she was spending more than she was earning too fast. It doesn't also doesn't claim that the property is solvent and paid for, it could be referring to all her property that was mortgaged. For a lawyer to say in a affadavit that she was almost broke, backed with financial documents likely, and it hasn't been contested 3 years later - well that proves it wasn't a lie.
  3. Not completely true. We don't know why she lost custody (unless you've seen the documents) because it was sealed but was strongly suggested it was in part due to drug use and bad parenting. The judge called Britney a 'habitual and frequent drug user' during the custody hearings. https://people.com/celebrity/judge-britney-a-habitual-user-of-alcohol-drugs/
  4. Yes, her ex conservator Andrew Wallet said the c ship was a hybrid business model because Spears had almost exhausted all funds by 2007/8 Breatheheavy used to post the complete cship expenses around this time (you could buy them from la courthouse however now I think they're sealed). And it showed some things like all her outgoings were overlapping her incomings and also interestingly all her properties had been mortgaged recently, meaning she may not have had the money to buy them in full That's NET worth. Michael Jackson had a net worth of hundreds of millions but in reality was in debt because of liabilities. Again net worth is different from bank money, net worth is an estimation like guessing what someone's earned over ten years without taking away tax and expenses. What's interesting is when the c ship took over, they actively began selling her assets and consolidated a lot of her trusts to one. That is something that financial specialists get involved in when there are money concerns.
  5. The custody settlement began before the conservatorship, so it's preoccuring. She lost custody of her children before she lost her human rights. The reason she cannot gain custody now is likely an amalgamation of what evidence was shown by Kaplan/Kevin before the c ship and also now the fact she is under cship.
  6. Who only knows who's her guardian behind the scenes. We know it's not Sam. It could still be Robin, but someone lives with her. The thing that highlights that her team are keeping her under lock and key the most is that they can't give her a proper Personal Trainer to teach her any legitimate workout. All the stuff she's doing is half baked cardio/HIIT for energy burnoff really, this isn't muscle or resistance training. Is it just too dangerous to give her a real PT, can they not be trusted?
  7. I disagree, she seems to not be in touch with reality. When she sang 'Somethin to talk about' at POM live, she referenced the media talking about her - however at that point in 2017 or whatever they hadn't been talking about her. She has not been front page national enquirer gossip for about 10 years.
  8. Never, it's not to do with her children as evident over the lack of custody - it's to do with her behaviour pre-cship which from the financial side of the c ship showed she was not capable of managing her finances. Remeber there's two c ships, a financial and a personal. The financial will never be dissolved as she'd almost bankrupted herself in 2007. The personal one though, given the court dates and behaviour - hmm not likely any time soon.
  9. I actually don't think she does owe another album. An interview Kevin gave in 2006 indicated she'd probably be done by now. It also all changed when it went from Jive to RCA/BMG and nobody knows. Also this OP is a load of twaddle, she isn't coming back any time soon. Mood ring was masterminded by her team.
  10. Ugh, Lou if you're reading this can you at least use your powers and get the Britney fan account disabled alottawarmheart_ or now they're known as queenoffairydance Today's feature is how many songs are about Kevin. Looks like some fans believe it This person doesn't understand that most of the B tracks on albums have already been written and are bought by the record label or producer before the artist even hears them. We know this is true for Britney because so many of her album songs have had demos leaked.
  11. It’s not Britney or anyone close to her. today they posted that Lynne wrote about Britney losing her virginity at 14 in her book Through the Storm, she did not. there have been comments from Lynne’s friends on photos who have since unfollowed the account im more inclined to think that the pics are from storage as the family home is now for sale. Or as someone else said it’s from the Britney museum. all the Jamie Lynn pics are from JLs Instagram or MySpace that used to exist before she scrubbed it, they are not exclusive pics the only thing we are seeing for the first time are the old Britney photos and most of the time they’re her with other celebs or family. Kentwood is a largely unpopulated town and the spears actually live in Lewiston on the border of mississippi. Don’t trust everything you read.
  12. Mood ring even charting was a publicity stunt by her team to stop people talking about her burning down her gym and her alleged non-stay reported by Yahoo. It was started by her team not us.
  13. I completely forgot but this matches a blind item posted years ago allegedly bout her and her dad asking her to get surgery. This is from CDAN but has since been deleted: July 23, 2014 Awkward is when your dad suggests that you should get a breast lift. More awkward is when your dad goes with you to the appointment and takes over the conversation with the doctor about what would look best. Welcome to the life of this A+ list singer.
  14. Are you really questioning the parenting of someone that let their 9 year old drive an adult ATV into open water and also lets them shoot wild animals with a gun.
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