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  1. It was her idea though apparently? Maybe Friday since thats when artists usually announce their music is out
  2. SHE BETTER BE POSTING ABOUT SWIMMING IN THE STARS + MATCHES + GLORY DELUXE (Why do we think she hasnt posted about it yet I hope she's enjoying her birthday
  3. So I guess they were right since Glory just got a re-issue with "two new never released songs"
  4. So this was going to be part of the magic trick for the intro-WB.. his description makes me cringe as he spells her name wrong first off but from what i gathered it was supposed to stay there after britney appeared? I dont get it unless she was supposed to appear some other way than behind the smoke, Im a tad confused even though i know it was supposed to be used for the overall trick, would've been cool to see it. (How are we just finding out about this 4 years later lol)
  5. UPDATE: This was actually an unused prop for Piece Of Me 2.0/Revamp (look at the upload date, description, and promo pic used) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pv-yS44R-0
  6. I would love to know the entire story behind this, how or where it was going to be used, did the mold something onto her? So many questions, its definitely interesting
  7. I'm bored and going through tour costume looks but I forgot about all the different versions they created for each costume. Two that stuck out to me are the bodysuit for the Egyptian section and the different variations for the rocker/biker section I wish she wore them (3:02 and 3:31) Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtkMK9VSnJc
  8. Not sure if there is a thread about this but, the zone is asking fans on its instagram page what features we would like to see on B10 I saw a screenshot on twitter, I do not follow the zone but I will post a link of the screenshot. EDIT
  9. I actually love the work ***** remix and posing.. Im not sure about the actual choreography part as it kinda reminds me of a drag show ngl lol, I think the posing and remix is really good and suits Britneys "movements" dont forget these are just pieces of the perfroamnces and this is clearly from when they were putting something together as Britney is not involved in these, they couldve been altered as time went on, I was excited for Domination, NappyTabs puts on great production and most importantly they engage in what fans think/want. I loved the slave/coupure/come over rehearsals so again, cant really judge from 30 second clips, as most of POM had some pretty bad clips posted (Britneys insta posts) werent the most flattering pats of the show. I definitely feel like this type of choreography for the show would suit britneys ticks and everything that she does as shes moving around compared to piecing things together in POM
  10. Not sure if the full dress rehearsal is going to be posted but I saw Britney-Online is premiering the dress rehearsal reel onto youtube later, should I get my hopes up or do we think it's the just clips we already had
  11. THANK YOU I still don't understand why they decided to take out the pre-recorded vocals for the revamp and tour, I cant believe they muted her during every performance for perfume.. you can clearly hear her singing which proves she actually is singing with the playback like she said that time I wouldnt mind hearing one from the revamp but Japan was pretty much that soundboard minus the songs that were cut
  12. OMG Is this the same soundboard that was being teased in another thread? the one that Jaxon has? It sounds a little different than the one he had?
  13. It would be nice to know who gave it to him seeing as to how they cant leak it but they gave it to him, that doesnt make sense to me but hopefully it leaks from whoever (i doubt it)
  14. He responded to comments saying he got told not to leak it and that he wouldn't share it with anyone, those have been deleted with the other clips he posted
  15. I was thinking of downloading it too incase it was deleted like it was but figured not to bc they were like 1 second snippets :/
  16. Anyone else notice he deleted the snippet of all the songs.. why even post snippets if you're not going to ever leak it or share, I dont understand whats so secretive when whichever band member he talked to literally gave it to him trusting his word for it, like..?
  17. We wont ever know honestly, I would say im skeptical but there have been times during Circus and FFT that is was clear her mic was on and no im not talking about the backing tracks or pre recorded vocals, actual singing. With her singing happy birthday on tour and something to talk about in vegas im not sure what to believe, she may actually be singing through that but its hard to tell since we dont get it often at all
  18. Ok.. These are actually the real deal. I have heard OFFICIAL snippets of the remixes from POM 1.0 they are remixed slightly different as to fit the megamix they made out of it (THEY WERE LEAKED FROM THE WELCOME PARTY BACK IN 2013 WHEN SHE GAVE A SPEECH AS SEEN IN THE IABJ DOCUMENTARY) I will post a vid here: ALSO anyone who is not believing these to be real, the drummer has uploaded several videos onto youtube with clips from the live shows i will also put them here: UPDATE on the circus video Earnest commented that possibly full audio would be coming soon.. ? What annoys me about this whole thing is this is the person who does those videos on twitter doing her exact moves and everything else. He said he will not be leaking them but yet he uploads 1 second (not even?) of clips to post but wont share. Whats also weird is that he said he cant share and he is the only one who has these, so from what im getting from this is either he just has those specific clips. How would he be the only one to have them if the directors/engineers told him they couldnt give it to anyone.. Doesnt make sense but yes these are real and I dont understand why they cant be leaked 7 years later?
  19. I wonder what happened with the plans of releasing the show.. They confirmed there would be a DVD but then said there wasnt going to be one? I would love to see the whole reel of this footage, the audio is edited professionally too.. I wish it would leak
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