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  1. I vote Radar because it's one of the best song on Blackout and it's a shame it gets such a messy release. Oh and that hook tho.
  2. 1. Thinkin' About You 2. What You See Is What You Get 3. Lonely 4. Breathe On Me (obviously) 5. And Then We Kiss (with a proper release and a music video) 6. Toy Soldier (but basically the whole album) 7. UNUSUAL YOU 8. INSIDE OUT (I will never forgive this fanbase for choosing Criminal instead ) 9. Alien (EDITED) 10. DYWCO, Better (there's still hope )
  3. Les Inrockuptibles named Blackout as "the perfect pop album" and the best Britney album. They explain how the GP was too busy focusing on her breakdown to really appreciate the album back in 2007. This magazine is usually very critical about pop singers so it's great to see they acknowledge Blackout as the masterpiece that it is! Sorry for my english but I had to share! http://www.lesinrocks.com/2017/01/11/musique/en-2007-britney-spears-sortait-lalbum-pop-parfait-mais-vous-etiez-trop-occupes-par-son-petage-de-plombs-11899645/
  4. Lmao Britney fans are definitely the worst! One month ago we wasn't even sure if there was a second single and now everybody is complaining because they don't like the remix, the choreo is bad... Seriously give her a break or don't cry when she's not promoting at all. We have a second single, a nice remix, a killer video is coming, she's performing the song on POM and certainly on some festivals in just a few weeks. Chill the **** out and enjoy! Poor Britney, after all maybe her fans deserve the BJ era!
  5. Stop being overdramatic guys! Personally I'm just glad to see her perform in Europe lmao.
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