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  1. Sounds ok, maybe with a clearer voice and less effects or layers it would sound much better, i kinda like the ending...
  2. https://www.instagram.com/britneysvault/ They uploaded some snippets in their stories!
  3. I'll never understand why her best tracks are always put on the deluxe editions or are hard to find, and I hate myself to like always these tracks over the standard version of the album. I mean, HOW in the world they put "Trouble" and "Quicksand" in some random **** editions in some selected countries?... Ugh!. These two tracks are WAY better than "Mmm Papi" or "Radar" which don't even belongs here..
  4. There is not much information at the moment, but clearly it is a world tour. In the video we can see some of the cities that BLACKPINK will visit: SEOUL, PARIS, SYDNEY, RIO DE JANEIRO, JOHANNESBURG, NEW YORK, LONDON, ISTANBUL, MEXICO CITY, AMSTERDAM, SINGAPORE, JAKARTA, LOS GANELES, MUMBAI, TORONTO, TOKYO, KUALA LUMPUR, TAIPEI, HONG KONG, BANGKOK. BLACKPINK will be in your area? They won't be in mine for now... PS: I can't stop listening to "HOW YOU LIKE THAT" and "PRETTY SAVAGE"... two bops!
  5. They scrapped the best pictures of that era... what a mess, i hate her team even more now!
  6. Oh Nick, your work is incredible... we should collaborate one day!
  7. There's something I don't understand, Lucas is in 3 different K-pop bands, like... how does it work exactly? I saw him on "SuperM" first, and then looking at some random videos I realized that is on "WayV" and now "NCT U", right?
  8. Serious question, is she using a filter, or is it her real face?
  9. I wouldn’t mind if it’s the new single or 'Love To Hate Me' PRETTY SAVAGE LOVESICK GIRLS
  10. Your gifs are killing me! Just for you i will give it one more chance...
  11. I love electro songs, but this remixes were trash, i couldn't finish not even one of the songs...
  12. This part sounds so weird... (minute 1:25) "Get it, flip, scoop it, do it like that aH YeaAH Ah Yeaah"
  13. I didn't really like it, the sound is somewhat annoying and very predominant in relation to their vocals. How You Like That is way better..
  14. Just a little glimpse of how the song will sound!
  15. I'm not sure, but they're not very masculine tbh (It must be some kind of condition from the K-pop world i believe, always looking young, without facial hair, and heavily made up). I'm not really into BTS, it's the first video I clicked on actually and I was surprised that so many girls like them, ******** speaking... but hey, for tastes, the colors..
  16. Right? Back in 2010/2011 everyone was into EDM, and electronic tunes, but for some reason it felt more.. fluid? Like, now everyone jumping into 80's vibes and disco is all over the place and in our faces, I mean, they put DISCO just in case we didn't notice!
  17. I think it was with 2NE1, but i'm not 100% sure..
  18. I agree, I mean, in the first video of this thread there are so many videos from India and South Asia, which has surprised me 'cause I've never seen any of them, not even the one that is in the n°2 spot. They are not mainstream, but it doesn't mean that they will be no longer popular in their territory because of it. I think the only thing that differentiates them from K-pop is that they haven't managed to incorporate themselves in other parts of the globe, or maybe they don't intend to do so either. I have to admit that beyond BP, 2NE1 and BIG BANG I don't hear other k-pop songs, even though I'm aware there are TONS of K-pop groups, like... WAY TOO MANY tbh... This can be applied to Latin American songs, which in the second video occupy 85% of it basically, and I think they managed to get into other countries even more than K-Pop.
  19. I also believed that they were missing something, although their videos were incredible, and now that I am watching their diary, or the "24/365" segment, I am becoming much more attached to the girls, and I watch those videos with a smile all the time. You should give them a chance. They are cute and funny!
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