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  1. I love this kind of promotion K-pop bands do, a video only of the choreography, and the fact that the video is filmed in 4k, seriously is gorgeous. Can you imagine Britney in Rosee's outfit? I'd kill to see her wearing that!!!
  2. It's their best song, period. I remember watching this on TV when I was little, and that I liked it instantly.
  3. Well the fact they don't even know where is THEIR OWN COUNTRY is a mess... like, C'mon..., and why everyone's first thought was Africa?... I'm not surprised tho, a long time ago i saw a video like this one, and Americans not even knew where Mexico was...
  4. The production is insane... seriously! T H E budget tbh!! Related:
  5. Damn visuals, so good as always!
  6. TTWE obviously, everyone knew that song, even people who don't listen to Britney. I remember one time I went to a huge nightclub and suddenly the song came up (which is very, very rare because is not that type of dance club) and everyone sang the "Oh oh oh" part... that night was amazing, seriously. I have to say I like "Blow" by Kesha too!!
  7. How can people like THAT music? I gave it a try, watched GOOBA and TROLLZ and I find it visually disgusting, repulsive and I don't understand the role he takes in front of the camera, his acting is like, wtf..
  8. Ughh "CL" has so much potential, but is very underrated unfortunately...
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