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  1. Sure you can have whatever conversation you want. The problem arises when you promote it on Twitter and main page it for attention & clicks on BH. Doing so just invites more haters who know nothing about Britneys c-ship & the #FreeBritney movement to **** all over us. Its counterproductive to everything we’ve done for Britney thus far. Its also a slap to the face of Britney, like how little do you think of her, that after all she’s been through you think she’s going to have another downfall if she’s freed. Give her some damn credit, she’s not a 26 yr old party girl anymore. I would also like to note that team conservatorship does not really believe Britney can’t function alone. Thats the pretense they use in order to keep her trapped and leech money off her. They throw these scenarios into the air, like if she’s freed she’ll be dead in 2 weeks. Where’s this narrative come from? Britney was never a danger to herself prior to the c-ship. Get a grip. You blasting this topic makes you just as bad as TMZ. If team con thought Britney was truly sick they wouldn’t have scheduled her comeback a month after her c-ship started. Britney has shown us time and time again that shes more than capable of handling her own since 2008. I should also add that its time @Jordan Miller to face the reality that even if Britney is mentally ILL, its still not a reason to keep her in a c-ship. Tons of stars are mentally ill and continue to function. Conservatorship’s are not for someone who might be bi-polar or suffer from something similar. Whatever illness Britney may potentially have obviously is not stopping her from working like she’s worked since she was a teenager. Britney is obviously a FUNCTIONING ADULT and deserves to be treated as one. And if she’s properly functioning then she shouldn't be in a c-ship, because c-ships are for people who are incapacitated. And as far as I know Britney has not only provided for herself these past 12 years, but her entire team of leeches. There’s better ways to help make sure she’s stable then by controlling her every move, alienating her, micromanaging her, and treating her like a child in a conservatorship. But I suppose keeping her in the conservatorship is much better for everyone around Britney, than well Britney herself. There’s a reason why they haven’t worked on taking steps to have her lead a normal life. Instead they alienate her as much as possible in order to keep her controlled. They don’t care that she gets better, they want her money. I also want to say that its interesting how you are so quick to jump in here and quote me and defend how important it is to “have this conversation”, but you never had the decency to respond to the open letter I wrote for Britney’s team & posted on here. Even though I tagged you like 3 different times to get your feedback. If it wasn’t for @Roxxy I wouldn’t have even been main paged. Yet you support ridiculous topics like this. But I see where your loyalty stands. I suppose in order to continue to get exclusives from the cash cows team you have to be impartial to everything going on.
  2. It’s so embarrassing that a website that is suppose to be on Britney’s side is main paging and promoting on Twitter a discussion like this. Pathetic.
  3. Thank you! I’ve been on here since 2012 & the wave of negativity this place has sometimes can be a lot.
  4. I’m being attacked as if i’m the one who went on the podcast and began talking about her medication. Literally all I did was bring this up once again & speculate in light of the movement.
  5. I wish she had performed at the 2011 VMAs, like everyone else who has gotten the vanguard award. She also appeared at the 2015 VMAs just presenting, she could have maybe performed Pretty Girls or something.
  6. Why are you attacking me? You don’t even know me. I’m just trying to put the pieces together to a time period where Britney was seemingly doing a lot better and Perez claimed a source said Britney was “off all her meds”. The pieces match up..and with all thats going on its interesting to note this tidbit. Why the hell are you even on here? Putting fans in quotations? Do you think you are a better fan than all of us because you are apparently anti #FreeBritney? We are actively spreading awareness on a conservatorship that Britney obviously wants nothing to do with.
  7. I’m not acting like anything sweetheart. I’m bringing this up because Perez clearly stated his source told him she was off ALL MEDS.
  8. I’ve gotten first hand confirmation that she’s as bad as Lou, and she’s literally her lap dog.
  9. I dug deep and found this podcast from 12/29/15. While Perez Hilton is problematic, I believe him when he claimed his source told him she was off her meds during this time. I mean the way she was looking, performing & acting spoke for itself. She gave us Glory, she was fit, self aware, and more like herself than we had seen in a long time. I mean look at her interview with Jonathan Ross, and all the other little radio interviews she did, she seemed a bit nervous but she was so much like herself than we had seen since forever. Around this time it was also rumored Jamie stepped off and Bryan was monitoring her. If this was the case, and her brother was not force feeding her useless pills it would make sense why she had this shift & was looking and acting better. I still continue to question what “meds” it is she’s taking, they are ruining this poor woman's life.
  10. This entire thread is you speculating though. Unless you work for team con you don’t know ****. Plus Britney won’t have to pay her a cent once Lou ends up in jail.
  11. I made these so we can share them on our social platforms and support the #FreeBritney movement. I’m sick of people saying she’s “she’s happy in the conservatorship”. Like maybe reading quotes directly from her will open up their eyes, she’s literally telling us in the best way that she can, that she wants OUT.
  12. Well its a given. Britney was reported as being a very liberated young woman. She would often walk around naked in her home. She had also lost her virginity at 14 to Reg, and I don’t think *** was a big deal to her after that. She was hungry for fame, so i’m sure she did whatever she had to do for it. And lets be real, Britney is no Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey singing wise. They had no idea she could even dance until after signing her. So what gives her the edge over other girls?? What she’s willing to do to get to the top. Its a sad, sad reality, and especially sad in 1998. There’s even articles where label execs recall first meeting her and saying she sounded horrible, but whenever her voice went high it was pleasant. How when she sang her eyes rolled to the back of her head & it was going to look great on camera. Modern day “church meets ***” or something like that, about a 15 yr old girl.
  13. Jeez for someone who “has nothing to hide” she sure jumps through hoops to try & cover her ***. Suing fans, buying out website domains, and now trademarking her name. After last years fan website suing she must have decided to trademark her name in January to avoid fans creating more sites about her. Either that or she’s looking to sell lunch boxes with her face.
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