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  1. They should have just done a Britney Spears: Piece of Me Live From Last Vegas soundtrack, with lead promo single Work ***** and new tracks Alien and Perfume (which she went on to perform during POM anyway) on the soundtrack, and then filled the rest of the soundtrack with classic tracks she performed during POM. Rushing an actual studio album for a Vegas residency was a mistake and tarnished her discography. Had they done a soundtrack, Work *****'s music video would have been perfect for POM promo since it shows the residency during the MV. But then they would have benefited by having an Alien mv also linked to the residency, maybe have her getting off the stage in the MV, suddenly her smile and excitement turns to sadness as we see her sit down in dressing room, all alone. The MV just plays out with her walking through the busy Planet Hollywood casinos in slow motion as everyone around her moves in high speeds, similar to the Spice Girls 2 Become 1 mv. Then they eventually introduce the Perfume MV works as she drives off the Vegas strip through the desert with her lover and eventually into a motel.
  2. Britney & Lady Gaga should be the EP on B10 And have a collab in there. Freak Like Me coming soon!
  3. Plot twist: Its the full version of Rebellion & its only available in the Philippines. Lets sneak away over there.
  4. This should be a staple to how her hair & makeup should always look when she performs; she looked stunning. I’m not a huge fan of the costume, makes me feel claustrophobic, maybe its the choker, long sleeves and specific color combo.
  5. I’ve loved this lyric video since it was made back then! So greatly executed & original, has the perfect combination of sexiness & quirkiness. I love the concept of a Grindr like app called “B In The Zone” lol and how every profile has Britney references like a profile named “Womanizer” lol Its really well made & feels authentic to Britney‘s brand & not a random put together lyric video like: https://youtu.be/PsO1UsFMuaY
  6. Create it and start promoting it on Exhale, Instagram and Twitter. Reach out to Britney podcasts, Britney fan accounts and any other outlets that will be willing to help.
  7. Only 7000..... This guy is annoying, like sir its not even an actual single. Of course Gaga will sell much more, she has an entire era surrounding her release. Also why is Britney always reported on as an underdog? “Don’t count Britney out”, “Britney is back” “Britney’s comeback” ect When will the media accept that Britney is and will always be a force of nature in the pop world? I wish Britney took more pride in her work & her accomplishments. She needs a rebranding to make herself seem more legendary circa Beyonce 2013. Before then I remember people liking Beyonce but when they started branding her as a legend, people bought more into it.
  8. Honestly i’m over it. If Britney’s team has no interest in helping us support the song why should we? Its not even a single, we’ve done enough tbh I’m tiredddd
  9. Not Britney promoting the song that knocked her to #3, gotta love her.
  10. You are not annoying me lol My comparison is to songs like Womanizer in terms of “hits” that its usually paid dust. Its the title track and should be more prominent than it is, obviously its not as obscure as some of her deep cuts, but its also not a staple when you think of Britney like Toxic, Oops, Baby, Slave or Womanizer. Thats all.
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