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  1. I enjoy "3" but it's definitely not a classic. I think it tends to be forgotten from top-of-mind consciousness for people, but when they rediscover it they're like, "this was a jam!"

    In my opinion it lives in a world with songs like "I Wanna Go," "If U Seek Amy," "and "Break The Ice" where they're solid hits, but just don't quite level-up into "Oops" territory. 

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  2. Hi all, if you have a few minutes today and would love a laugh or a stroll down memory, I would love and appreciate if you checked out my video revisiting "Blackout." Video description below. It was SO fun to listen to this masterpiece cover-to-cover for the first time in a while.

    Hop upon the nostalgia train with me and revisit one of the most influential pop albums of modern times. In this video we revisit every song from “Blackout,” discuss fun-facts about the songs, share a few memories, and have lots of laughs. Along with the songs we touch upon the tumultuous year that was 2007, the VMA’s, Kevin Federline, all of the “Blackout” leaks, fan polls, the legacy of “Radar” and much, much more.


  3. The difference between her first 7 albums and the last 2 is that Jive Records is no longer in the picture. She was their marquee artist and got the biggest budget. On RCA she is treated like a legacy act, which is why she is only promoted to her fanbase. She really needs to ditch RCA pronto.