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  1. lol, I forgot about Everything is love.... I suppose that says everything
  2. The thing about this album being released was something more about the money and Beyoncé making clear she is an icon and a reference. Maybe some have forgot about it, but she was set to release a joint album she had with Jay-Z. This was a money movement since they had made peace already about the cheating and all, so it really didn't make sense to put out an album where you leave your husband in not a good place once your problems are solve. She used that as a clickbait and it worked. You can tell how Beyoncé, since her self title album, only wants to be a money maker and not a music maker... At the ends she is unable to write an entire song
  3. he is from Spain, Europe. Mexico is South America, huge difference. Be more respectful when you use Mexican heartthrob. Also your comments about Almodovar ***** I can tell you lack of information about him and how everybody wants to work with him, Madonna wishes she could appear in one of his films and actually do a good acting... I dont know how can you be by Madonna's side when she is acting like a man with *****. Anyways time is showing that she is a clown, at the end she has no voice and is not aging well. This is kind of like the same story with Rosalia, people is still surprise that there are famous people that value more themselves and their careers instead of collaborating with the first "icon" that appears. Madonna's discography.... apart from the singles... whatever, lets thanks her for the visuals.
  4. wtf is this ? Theres no choreography, this is not even urban or hip hop, she is doing the same moves......... Could she watch the Sticky & Sweet tour DVD please?
  5. So it appears Britney's team has uploaded some videos from the Apple Music Festival, check it out:
  6. with a new single, to commemorate all the good times we had with POM
  7. YALA

    no photoshop here

    the only time she needs photoshop is when she does her own make up and wears unflattering outfits
  8. I disagree. Obviously the energy she has right now has nothing to compare with 2011. But that remix is fire, If only she had wore a nice outfit and put some more energy into the performance, it would have top Vegas' womanizer (and some live singing compensating the lack of choreography) . I don't know about ya'll, but I can't stand when she goes above her dancers... It's really poor and with no sense to me
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