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  1. For me Selena is more than over, I see her at the same level of disinterest as Demi or Xtina in the way she barely makes me want to listen to her or empathize with her And now, even more, because of this poor attempt of singing in Spanish when she doesn't understand anything, just because now North America is finally valuing other cultures and languages... it's a no for me btw, it's Frida Kahlo her new reference ?
  2. I totally agree, but thinking that its already a Britney's song it would be pretty iconic if they re-record it together I always think on how iconic would be doing a hits and non hits re-record album with some of the artists Britney has been inspired of
  3. Its not Katys charity when she is already out from the charts. Katy is just doing money moves, and not that well. I get you don't know Aitana so opinions are totally different, but Aitana is getting bigger in Spain so collaborating with her was a good movement in the way she is opening to new markets. At the same time it feels dumb since you can tell now everybody from US is searching for singers from other countries, specially latin countries to get into the Spanish music movement, and this song just feels like a poor attempt making Aitana bigger since is not that famous and Katy smaller since US doesn't know anything from her.
  4. Mmmm Im from Spain, and yes, she has her public and is famous by her own, okay, I give you that. But this collaboration is so random and just another attempt from Katy to have her popularity back since Spanish music is growing right now in the US and she wants her numbers too. She just choose Aitana because she hasn't achieve a big worldwide hit yet but has a fanbase, so Katy isn't overshadow but still has fans and a new public.
  5. princess? you can tell her label is doing good connection, but this is a big flop. I mean Katy went for Aitana (lets hope she knows her) because having Rosalia would overshadow Katy. They are trying really hard with Aitana, and yes, she is an amazing singer, but this type of collabs seems poor
  6. I do believe Ariana is under big crontrol from her music recording company and she feels refltected on Britney, that's why she supports her
  7. they look amazing but is not better than the original one, this is just forgettable
  8. lol, I forgot about Everything is love.... I suppose that says everything
  9. The thing about this album being released was something more about the money and Beyoncé making clear she is an icon and a reference. Maybe some have forgot about it, but she was set to release a joint album she had with Jay-Z. This was a money movement since they had made peace already about the cheating and all, so it really didn't make sense to put out an album where you leave your husband in not a good place once your problems are solve. She used that as a clickbait and it worked. You can tell how Beyoncé, since her self title album, only wants to be a money maker and not a music maker... At the ends she is unable to write an entire song
  10. he is from Spain, Europe. Mexico is South America, huge difference. Be more respectful when you use Mexican heartthrob. Also your comments about Almodovar ***** I can tell you lack of information about him and how everybody wants to work with him, Madonna wishes she could appear in one of his films and actually do a good acting... I dont know how can you be by Madonna's side when she is acting like a man with *****. Anyways time is showing that she is a clown, at the end she has no voice and is not aging well. This is kind of like the same story with Rosalia, people is still surprise that there are famous people that value more themselves and their careers instead of collaborating with the first "icon" that appears. Madonna's discography.... apart from the singles... whatever, lets thanks her for the visuals.
  11. wtf is this ? Theres no choreography, this is not even urban or hip hop, she is doing the same moves......... Could she watch the Sticky & Sweet tour DVD please?
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