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  1. Yes that's what I noticed too! I'm definitely gonna get more exciting as I go hopefully lol. Or at least I'll try that's wild that you even noticed but no Omgggg thank you haha
  2. Tried to add the right link to the OP but was unable to do so. I'm embarrased as Helsinki This is it though like the other user posted
  3. Because I'm a failure at life rip me
  4. Hey guys! I've just started a new segment on my youtube where I talk about Britney and her music and stuff. If I've messed up any facts please tell me so I can fix them in the next episode and post any cool things about her first record that you can think of. Oh and be nice pls I know how ruthless yall can be Edit: I put in the wrong link and can't seem to add the right one in. Check the post below for the link
  5. I'm dead, literally. It's still #1 trending on youtube, and the 2nd most searched on apple music. Britney's still got it
  6. I don't think her team is stupid enough to let that happen lol
  7. I'm trying my best not to listen. Praying to Godney for strength
  8. I love this! I'm trying not to listen to the leaks so I think this helped...or not Anyways your review has me hypedt! Pray to Godney I can wait a week to listen
  9. I love hearing that! Thank you!! Awww you're really really cool, thank you! Yassss! These compliments are making my day. Thank you bb Haha thank you! Britney's Artsy Fartsy-ness inspires me in countless ways
  10. Omg thank you!! That's so cool! Thanks! You better have liked it
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