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  1. thats why we want her “conservatorship” to end to get blackout 2.0 and ITZ 2.0
  2. I remember her said She wants a tour like circus by Britney Spears so she cut her hair pretending having breakdown and this is her comeback/circus era gurl this woman is very obsessed with brit brit
  3. She's the original, She's unforgettable She wants you to know she's been cloned
  4. Taste I was born in 1991 Celine Dion version for the song 2016 I love it
  5. Omg break the ice moment Britney Spears always ahead of her time queen of knowing about the pandamic back in 2007
  6. Thanks to Ariana and blackpink Chromatica one of my favorite albums
  7. I’m sad/Depressed today idont know why this is explains my mood
  8. I have a lot But I chose this unpopular/underrated song
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