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  1. I think a good change to props/visuals, add some new background stuff + a great new opener and replacing 3-4 numbers would be fine. A change like the one made in 2015 but bigger. Not like a complete NEW SHOW but something to give a new face to it.
  2. TTWE is not repetitive??? ***** is saying Oh oh oh for a whole minute, wtf. Same with Slave (get it get it). And I'm pretty sure IWG lies completely or repetition. lol and WB is not simple? She says Work ***** and a basic David Guetta beat comes in. lol. at least 80% of Glory is far more elaborate than anything we got in the last 5 years lol
  3. Wtf, Womanizer says hello. so does 3, Gimme More, Slave (Get it get it what get it get it what part), TTWE, Up N Down.. Britney is literally known for her over repetitive choruses. Glory is no exception to that. Some songs do have repetitive choruses but some have amazing melody and lyrics, like Man On The moon, Invitation, Liar, Slumber Party.. Britney hadn't done choruses as amazing as the ones on these songs since I honestly don't know when. Plus some are so well connected to the song that they don't even stand out as repetitive necessairily, like DYWCO or What u need
  4. it's ******* 5-6 days away from being released.. all albums leak a few days before, it's normal. Femme Fatale, BJ and Circus leaked like 15-20 days before the release. Circus and FF still went #1. People don't download music, they'll stream it. Leaking won't affect sales this bad as some of you point out. Just delete the downloads and stream it when it's available on Spotify, Apple, Tidal, etc.. duh
  5. I really hope she is. Would be a smart move. Make Me + a new song. I don't feel like we need to EXPECT it, but it would be logical considering she cancelling two shows and how close it is to her album release. Would help boost album sales, single success, etc. Then make up for the Make Me video fiasco and release a superb second single video in the following week. I also don't think we should have meltdowns if she doesn't do it. It's no big deal.
  6. How are those album you quoted impactful in the pop music industry? I'm not even discussing if they're good or not.. but I mean, Rated R? American Life? There are hardly any rememberable singles from those albums.. And The Fame only was successful cause of Bad Romance.
  7. and Jordan go fix these effing glitches in this forum instead of reporting fake stupid news
  8. Plus, we know better than anyone else that if they had any problems with Britney's vocal on a song, it wouldn't cause setbacks, they would just hire Myah and call it a day. Let's just let this die. I just want the ******* song already
  9. WTF? Is anyone buying this? Why would Joe Riccitelli RCA executive VP tell in an interview that he her new sound is great and that he played Make Me to people and got the reaction he wanted and that it would be a single during summer if the song had somewhat bad/unwanted vocals? Why would they shoot a video if it didn't have a scheduled release date? She had time to shoot the video and not time to re-record being that the LABEL asked her to? They would take the time and money to mobilize G-Eazy to be in the song/video just so that she wouldn't re-record it? Seriously, it pisses me off this kind of bullshit and how much attention we give it.
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