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  1. Lance Bass talks about the #FreeBritney movement in a new podcast interview. "I just think we need to trust the system. We can be skeptical and conspiracy theorists all day long, but then you've got to use common sense and be like 'but do we really know, what really makes sense here?' Lance agrees that she acts like she's 17-years-old. "And because she is on social media. If she was hurting in any way, it would show. It would definitely show." Thoughts?
  2. she looks like a super hot pornstar how is about to get suprised by a handsome workman aka Sam
  3. It's like a mix of Pretty Girls and Justin Timberlake somehow
  4. It's actually true tho haha yeah but GNTM is like the only thing we are blessed with. The rest of Germany kinda hates Britney, they never play her songs anywhere
  5. http://www.prosieben.de/tv/germanys-next-topmodel/video/121-staffel-12-episode-1-ein-flughafen-fuer-gntm-ganze-folge I hope you can watch it, even if you're not from Germany
  6. Yesterday the new Germany's Next Topmodel season hit off! Not only have been Britney chosen twice for the theme song in the past (Circus & Scream and Shout), but the episode yesterday was filled with songs from Glory! If I remember right they played Clumsy, DYWCO, Hard To Forget Ya, What You Need and a few more. Slay a bit!
  7. Are you German? recommending Monrose and Jeanette Biedermann haha ...
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