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  1. Realistically her team will drop some sort of single to capitalise on the current GP awareness of her. I personally don’t think she should record until she’s free from the conservatorship.
  2. She didn’t have an eating disorder as such. Her body was always naturally athletic and slim but there were definitely other factors keeping her weight down. She abused laxatives and amphetamines, she was always being papped with them from 2002-2007. A lot of people from every industry use performance enhancing drugs and Britney was no different, there’s no shame in looking back at the past critically and no shade here. The ‘energy’ we often reminisce about as fans could’ve really just have been a young girl taking drugs to stay at an insane physical level and keep the weight off. I’d say this started in 2000. Anyone whose taken amphetemines knows they give you hours of energy, a need to move physically/dance, zero appetite and absolutely horrific anxious & depressed comedowns. Fits Britney to a tee.
  3. I honestly think the last thing she wants to do is perform or release music. Maybe in ten years she’d drop an EP of stripped down covers? She seems to love those. I don’t want her rush back to the studio in the wrong head space and think ‘oh my god I have to be **** or no one will love me’ - definitely something her team have been telling her for years. I think she needs to be free from everyone and the ‘Britney Spears’ persona for a long time to really find herself artistically again.
  4. I think Oops was designed to have more longevity than BOMT but when DLMBTLTK flopped they decided they needed a new direction and ended the era early. She allegedly even filmed a music video for When Your Eyes Say it. I feel like What U See & Can’t Make You Love Me would’ve been excellent single choices instead. I think the main drawback to Oops is that the production on the whole album sounded dated a few months after it came out. Add that with the GP’s changing tastes and Britney wanting more artistic freedom it makes sense why it was (slightly) less successful.
  5. I remember this happening and searching high and low for audio at the time. Couldn’t find it then and I don’t think it exists now but I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong
  6. Nobody is really checking for pop star gossip or stan culture. I don’t know if charging people for it will change that? Don’t get me wrong I really hope that this is a successful venture for you and it breathes some life into the Britney fandom but for me to subscribe the content would have to be outta this world.mp3, exclusive, and serve us piping hot T. If you offered a ‘trial’ I’d consider it for the Britney content (not really interested in the other pop stars and I have other sites to check them on for free). Most of the content on this site is user generated. Would you start restricting the hottest topics for paid only members as a result? Its a slippery slope sis
  7. This is fishy AF. I wish her all the best and I’m sending her all the positive energy in the universe. Britney deserves a break but I hope it’s her choice and not her team. Her team are f**king with us and something much more serious is happening. Listen to Britney’s Gram they break down all the T on Andrew Wallets resignation and the relationship with her family.
  8. Yes it was. She wanted a double release with TOMH but the label made her release Outrageous (which she hated). If they’d released it instead we probably wouldn’t have the former shell of Britney that we have today and a completely different artist instead due to the injury, cancelled tour, Kevin etc
  9. I think what you’re saying is true up until Hold It Against Me and then they dropped the ball completely and haven’t had a clue what to do with her since.
  10. I voted other because I think it’s a combination of everything. She was clearly struggling during the POM tour in ‘18 and there were reports she was drinking again. I can believe there was definitely something shady happening behind the scenes after witnessing her performance myself. There were blind items at the time about a star who was on tour and was begging everyone for absolutely any substance they can get their hands on for her because she hates performing sober. There’s definitely a reason she isn’t in public, something bigger than her just her father. Britney is in LA and not even in Louisiana so there’s that. If she was in Louisiana we would’ve seen her. The very weak T that we have about Britney being spotted in some guys office ended up being really interesting if we dig a little deeper. The office she was allegedly seen in also had offices for medical professionals who specialised in some sort of magnetic brain therapy? So that could be something. A reach, but something. I don’t believe she’s having a hiatus as such. She just isn’t physically/mentally able to go out there and make them any money rn so she’s on lockdown by team Britney. Think about it... girlfriend has Oops 20th anniversary coming, a **** tonne of perfumes and a back catalogue to sell. Her team (& Britney herself lbr) have always been dedicated to squeezing as much money from her career as possible before she finally breaks. This could be it for her.
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