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  1. Sorry to hear that, but thats probably some problem with your device, if the problem was in the files no one would be able to download it.
  2. THANK YOU for everyone that showed up at the livestream, it was one of the happiest moments of my life and im glad i could share this project with you guys! The download links as well as the livestream will be available in a couple hours, stay in touch in our soundcloud and youtube channels to get it as soon as it's out!
  3. We're less than 5 hours away from the livestream, we hope to see everyone out there, its a huge project and it deserves some attention, we'll be happy to welcome you!
  4. Yes! There will be two packs. Dance Floor Pack - Studio Versions + Booklet V.I.P Experience Pack - Studio Versions + Live Versions + Unreleased remixes + Booklet You can choose which one you want!
  5. I'll change the livestream schedule, it will be 5h earlier on the same day.
  6. that would be iconic, but i dont think Jordan would promote it for free, only if it can get views for the website lol
  7. PLEASE do! All i dreamed of was on working with Britney and this tour means a lot to me, i'm trying my best to show the fans that i would not let any of them down with this project and i've put so much effort (as you said), almost 2 years of planning to make it the best of the best.
  8. Thank you for your honest review! I would very much like to thank George for having some time to listen to the project with us and giving us his opinion and thoughts on the tour, it means a lot to us and i'm sure that everyone will enjoy this project as much as we enjoyed making it!
  9. Here's the studio audio from the livestream (it doesnt have the slumber party/love me down/gimme more/mood ring/unreleased tracks) We'll be getting the final touches on the tour in the next days and you'll hear from us when the next livestream happens.
  10. I actually want to be a creative director for artists tours/eras, all my friends said i'm very creative and that i should work with this, i just do this as a hobby, i get no money out of this and barely can get some recognition, but with every message that i read saying that my projects are "iconic" "best fanmade tour" or stuff like that, i get so happy the only way people can help me for now is sharing the project and spreading the word, i would LOVE to get britney's team eyes on this, because i could do so much if they gave me this opportunity!
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