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  1. Retired people don't spend time in their homes? Well I guess retired people are a lot older too. Also she never said she was retiring
  2. Honestly, they must have no lives to attack her constantly The same people that would call her ugly and would troll her, even after she revealed these sorts of comments caused her to attempt to end her own life - some people are just horrible, especially the people there.
  3. Yet people are critiquing her 'talking' voice - don't go on like these people are judging a new song, she's literally living her life the best she can and people are saying she's 'weird' for just talking - like wow, let that sink in.
  4. She definitely danced a LOT more in POM compared to anything after the breakdown.
  5. I don't understand some of you guys attacking her for how she speaks, you'd think you were not even fans of her making these sorts of comments... It's sad, leave her alone.
  6. She was calling Sam his real name 'Hesam' and telling him to dive!
  7. In her statement she said she didn't like the pressure of being in a girl group and constantly being compared to the other girls, she didn't say she was leaving the business. However, I do get where you're coming from because she'd still receive pressure being a solo artist and you can argue it'd be more pressure. However, Jesy has said so many times over the years she hates being compared to the other girls in Little Mix and has said she was jealous of how beautiful and skinny they were. I don't think she'll ever be able to 'escape' Little Mix or being compared to the other girls, they'll probably be pitted against each other even more now unfortunately. I just hope it works out for her too, she gave nearly a decade of herself to Little Mix and endured so much bullying and trolling. I'm happy for her finally doing what she wants to do.
  8. Hey This is not inappropriate at all, we are free to discuss things like this! Little Mix as a three seem very solid but I honestly don't know what their relationship with Jesy is like now. I'd hate to think that they've fell out as their bond was SO strong! However, Jesy does not like any of their posts nor do the girls like her posts anymore I can understand they may be upset as Jesy left in the middle of an album cycle and then is going solo, I just hope if there are any issues they get resolved in the future as their friendship is what made Little Mix so amazing. Jesy still follows the girls and vice versa, however Jesy has unfollowed Perrie's bf, Perrie's cousin, Leigh-Anne's sister and other people. What are your thoughts? They really haven't said too much about what is going on. They could be talking in private for all we know. Unless it's some tactic that their labels are saying not to interact with her on social media to raise 'hype' about upcoming releases. I think Jesy will be the one to first acknowledge what their relationship is like now when she starts promo. I love all four girls so I truly hope they are okay and still solid with eachother despite Jesy leaving - if they are not, I hope they rebuild that bond in the future!
  9. Former Little Mix member Jesy posted some new selfies on instagram. She's been working hard on her debut album the past few months! What route are you expecting her to take? She looks incredible
  10. You’re interpreting that they didn’t break the rules, but they did. Us mods are extremely aware of what is okay or not and we are well within our rights to award WPs for hateful comments. I do not think it is right of you to publicly call out mods, users have been told on MULTIPLE occasions to raise concerns privately. I found your comments to Urbanney to be extremely disrespectful and us mods should not be spoken to how you have spoken to Urbanney. If you have anything further to say about this, raise it privately. I struggle to see how comments like this are okay, they are outright rude and disrespectful. You know I’ve never had any issues with you previously, but this sort of behaviour is not okay. Urbanney has explained and has given their reasoning - which they should not even be questioned about in the first place. You’re turning this thread into an attack against mods and totally derailing it.
  11. I am so devastated, she is truly a British Reality TV ICON I remember watching her on Big Brother - she was ICONIC. Literally EVERYONE knew who Nikki was and her iconic line 'WHO IS SHE'. It's so sad how long she's had to battle anorexia May she rest in peace
  12. Nothing is showing up for me, what is it? Sometimes tweets do not show..
  13. I've already told you but this was a great video! Very classy, as always! You always respond so well She's just scared and trying to hide the truth from coming out
  14. So Britney’s account posted the below which looks like a low quality screenshot.
  15. They did their first reunion performance just before corona! Enjoy!
  16. The tour is this year I just checked and they recently signed a new record deal !
  17. They have reunited and I think a tour is happening the end of this year or next! I think they are making new music too!
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