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  1. This really is shaping up to be my favourite album behind Glory Days They really did serve choreography! I've been loving The Search too! I'm excited for the first live show tomorrow! I think what makes me love Little Mix is their friendship and always giving each person their own time to shine!
  2. I remember you saying you didn't like the promo songs, so i'm happy you enjoyed this same it really snapped in the second half! It was all in warehouse like you didn't want though, but it worked so well
  3. They said there were collaborations! But they had been saying a couple of months ago saying the other singers hadn't recorded their bits yet! There are very strong rumours about a collab with Ann Marie - which both LM & Ann have hinted at but I'm not keen on that
  4. I truly believe Sam is a good guy and loves Britney and Britney loves him, I believe the haters will look like clowns when she's able to talk and just says good things about him. Hopefully after this people can give him a break, they don't have to be keen on him or like him necessarily but just calm down with the obsessive constant hate. I'm totally fine with people hating him, but maybe just calm because there are so many worse people out there. Sam gets trashed more than Jamie and Lou I see more aggression against him than I do for the real culprits. Let's just see what happen. I'm not trying to argue with anyone, so please do not respond with any negative responses, I just needed to let my thoughts out.
  5. Honestly she's performing a lot on her instagram and dancing a lot - I think that shows she misses performing. I think she's being really stubborn and refusing to work until Jamie is completely out the picture - which is SO clever! As Jamie would argue he has experience with dealing with Britney and her finances/tours when she works. So it's better to work on her career aspect when he's gone and allow that to be dealt with by Bessemer, a professional. That's my views! I'd love her to work again, but i'd also support her not working again. I truly believe she loves her fans and misses performing.
  6. Honestly, I can imagine this being real, she's been in it for SO long now, there's definitely the chance she thinks she needs help. I think more than anything she just needs a life coach and an expert to deal with her finances, she doesn't need a conservatorship.
  7. Honestly I think I believe him, it's just very realistic and very believable. Most of it we've already knew/thought. It's just the Sam haters jumping down his throat
  8. They've actually released 5 songs from the album Break Up Song was the lead single Holiday the second single Not A Pop Song a promo song Happiness a promo song Sweet Melody the official third single they've put out so many songs already
  9. i'll allow rates for the next 15 mins if you want to send? As I want to calculate now
  10. if you can send within the next 15 mins I can count your rates?
  11. VOTING IS CLOSED See you Sunday at 8pm BST (12pm Pacific) @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @kasavas @Itachi @Iconic 4 U @nwonder @alexxxx @Isla @Thelegendarybritney @OnlyBeyonce @Lemon_Drop @Britney-fan12332143 @Towelney @JP9101 @Mainshow @Roxxy @PokemonSpears @Hooked-On-Knee @Cinderella85 @RebelMe @sugarfallxofme @e_qu33n @ColdAsFire88 @blackoutbixxh @[email protected]@Lorenzo @Jaime45x @vertovera @Easy There @MrPieceOfMe @patience darling @Panos @Theo04t @*******essek @U_WannaLiveFancy @blackoutbixxh @babyimmafreak90 @MathCarmignani @Cocopop @Britney'sBish @Puppy @[email protected] @VCTR @LaLohan @JeniLeeSK8 @JustLuvMe07 @ElenaB @Adriannn @iAlwaysSingLive @AlottaWarmHeart @Peter Pan @bliss @Geralt_of_Rivia @BUWYGF @CripplerCrossface @godneyjspears @Paolo94 @LikeShatteredGlass @filmandstage13 @mihai.serban @Blackout2006 @Leolileinstein @thelegendney @Pissonme
  12. Hope you're okay now SO much slayage I still get shook that they wrote Pretty Girls
  13. OMG I was thinking about you earlier wondering what you'd think You spilled the TEA - such a great bop and we finally were provided a good music video for the first time this era I agree, it definitely would have been the perfect lead single! Not long until the album, so excited! I can't wait for their EMA's performance, I want to see them with the Britney mic's
  14. Thank you for posting this! I believe Maxi, she obviously has a strong link to Britney (Sam being their friend). Let's not turn this into a Sam thread and just take everything Maxi said with a pinch of salt, you either believe it or not - I choose to believe as it all sounds pretty realistic. It's sad they've stopped her from having a baby.
  15. I agree not their best but they wanted to give their fans a choreo video (by demand) IKR! The UK press is always so harsh on them in particular, there are so many other female pop stars who wear much less! Yes I did think some parts the lip-syncing wasn't in sync! I love this more sexy vibe!
  16. i'm going to focus on your positives I'm so excited for the EMA's too! I am kinda shocked there were not more looks as in the teaser there was A COMPLETE different look/scene! So I wonder what that was for.. Yesss song is a BOP
  17. ALL MY THOUGHTS TOO It really elevated an already amazing song! They really do I'm so ready for performances!
  18. Yassss glad you guys like it I’d love Britney to come back with another hard hitting choreo video like this!
  19. And Ms Jade knows it, she’s hilarious! Yes they’ll definitely bashed for their outfits by UK press but that’s nothing new I guess! I loved them being more sexy in this video!
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