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  1. I love these Architectural Digest videos!
  2. OMG you're British you must have heard more I stanned N-Dubz I even met them and saw them on tour! So much fun
  3. I so wanted to mention Busted as I LOVED them but they aren't really pop Also don't hate me but I absolutely loved N-Dubz
  4. On the other hand, I can see how EXTREMELY hard working kpop groups are and I admire that and I absolutely LOVE the amount of choreo they usually bring.
  5. I may be biased as i'm British, but I grew up listening to so many great British pop groups Atomic Kitten, S Club 7, Blue, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Spice Girls etc! Ofcourse slightly 'newer' ones The Saturdays and Little Mix
  6. If she puts in effort to make it a success, it will be. There is hype for new Britney music, especially with all the controversy surrounding her - it just depends if she wants to put herself out there again. There are SO many people rooting for her and for her to do well. People love Britney and wish her well. They love a good 'comeback'. I'm not bothered about how 'successful' her album will be, if there even will be a new album, along as it is something she enjoyed making and was the direction she wanted to go in, i'd be happy I'm happy with Britney doing whatever she wants when she's free, whether it be making music or living her best life quietly. I just want her free.
  7. 2 days left to send your rates if you haven't already! Voting closes on Friday 25th September 2020 at 6pm BST The Results ceremony is on SUNDAY 27th September 2020 at 8pm BST (12pm Pacific Time) @Hooked-On-Knee @Towelney @kasavas @Cocopop @Itachi @vertovera @Midnight @Britney'sBish @khaleesi @LaLohan @TheoDoor @[email protected]@mihai.serban @[email protected] @JeniLeeSK8 @AlottaWarmHeart @LikeShatteredGlass @Paolo94 @filmandstage13 @alexxxx @bitbitboi @blackoutbixxh @Adriannn @RebelMe @thelegendney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Daddy O @BUWYGF @OnlyBeyonce @Geralt_of_Rivia @Iconic 4 U @Illegally BANNED @bliss @nwonder @VCTR @ColdAsFire88 @Lemon_Drop @PokemonSpears @SlaymeMore @Peter Pan @Isla @[email protected] @Style. @Britney-fan12332143 @godneyjspears @[email protected] Productions @ElenaB @BreeC @sugarfallxofme @MrPieceOfMe @Blackout2006
  8. Britney posted about the below book. I did a quick google search and it said what this book would help with: -How to identify & embody the strengths of each inner feminine aspect -How to identify limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour -The universal lessons we each face in our feminine journey -How to activate your Shakti – your sacred feminine essence -How to empower yourself mentally, emotionally, energetically & physically as a woman -Wisdom to assist you in your times of transition and change -How to connect with your authentic truth and live by it How open & balance all 7 energy centres to -awaken your intuition I wonder if she meant the part to do with transition and change?
  9. The UK recently loosened restrictions and now things are tightening up again. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on the public to "summon the discipline and the resolve" to follow the new coronavirus rules announced on Tuesday. In a television broadcast to the country he warned the government may go further if people do not stick to them. New measures have been brought in across the UK, with Mr Johnson warning rules could last for up to six months. In England, rules on face coverings were expanded and the number of people allowed at weddings has been halved. Pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues will have to close by 22:00 BST, while the fines for breaking the rules will also increase to £200 on the first offence. Hospitality venues will also have to close early in Scotland and Wales - but Scotland has gone further, banning people from visiting other people's homes. It comes as the number of UK cases rose by 4,926 on Tuesday, government figures showed, with deaths increasing by 37. Mr Johnson said he was "deeply, spiritually reluctant" to infringe on anyone's freedom, but added: "unless we take action the risk is that we will have to go for tougher measures later". "If people don't follow the rules we have set out, then we must reserve the right to go further," he added. "And to those who say we don't need this stuff, and we should leave people to take their own risks, I say these risks are not our own," he said. "The tragic reality of having Covid is that your mild cough can be someone else's death knell. Mr Johnson said the "single greatest weapon" that the UK brings to the fight against the virus is the "common sense of the people themselves". He added: "If we follow these simple rules together, we will get through this winter together. There are unquestionably difficult months to come. "And the fight against Covid is by no means over. I have no doubt, however, that there are great days ahead. "But now is the time for us all to summon the discipline, and the resolve, and the spirit of togetherness that will carry us through." What are the new rules? In England: Office workers are being told to work from home again if possible, Penalties for not wearing a mask or gathering in groups of more than six will increase to £200 on the first offence From Thursday 24 September, all pubs, bars and restaurants will be restricted to table service only. Takeaways can continue Also from Thursday, hospitality venues must close at 22:00 - which means shutting then, not calling for last orders (in Scotland the same curfew rule comes into force on Friday) Face coverings must be worn by taxi drivers and passengers from Wednesday Retail staff and customers in indoor hospitality venues will also have to wear masks from Thursday, except when seated at a table to eat or drink From Monday 28 September, only 15 people will be able to attend weddings and civil partnerships, in groups of six. Funerals can still take place with up to 30 people Also from 28 September, you can only play adult indoor sports in groups of less than six The planned return of spectators to sports venues will now not go ahead from 1 October In Scotland: People across Scotland are being advised not to visit other households indoors from Wednesday 23 September onwards. This will become law from Friday. There will be exceptions for those living alone, or alone with children, who form extended households. The rules will also not apply to couples who do not live together, or to tradespeople or for the provision of informal childcare - such as by grandparents From Friday, pubs and restaurants will have to close by 22:00 The first minister urged people not to book overseas travel for the October holiday In Wales: Pubs, cafes and restaurants in Wales will have to close by 22:00 from Thursday - and sales of alcohol from off-licences and supermarkets will also be stopped after that time Pubs will also be required to provide table service only In Northern Ireland: From Tuesday evening, people cannot meet anyone who they don't live with inside their home There are only limited exceptions. Source: BBC
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