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  1. Anyway, the real 13th place is... 13 - Don't Hang Up Overall rate: 7.8 Lowest rate: 1/10 (x2) @Mainshow @Cinderella85 Highest rate: 11/10 (x2) @PokemonSpears @*******essek Comments: · Only our queen could make a song about phone ᔕᗴ᙭so beautiful. · Better than The Answer but kinda meh too · Now this song should've been on the standard version instead of Brave New Girl, another underrated song by Britney · Another brilliant bonus track that deserved to be on the standard edition. · people are sleeping on this song, just so good · This is a cute track! · I don’t know her flop fan. I felt like the melody is a bit noisy and messy. But I like the effort so 5.6/10 · It's a bonus track for a reason. · Another OK song. I also like the way this song comes after THE ANSWER. Their titles are connected. SMART. · it's meh. Not groovy at all · This deserves way more than bonus track. Her vocals and the sounds behind it are so encapsulating. This era was near perfection and this song is no exception. · This is the combination of Breathe and Touch of My Hand. Lyrical masterpiece and theres no other song that I could feel her emotions more than this song. · Idk I just don't like the drums. · I think I almost hate this track as much as I hate on "Hot As Ice". Meh! · This one I don't think fit that well but it's so good. In The Zone had a lot of potential including bonus tracks and unreleased songs. · This song is severely underrated by the fanbase and somewhat forgotten about when it’s always been one of my favourites from the album. That haunting, electronic instrumental is incredibly dreamy and captivating to me. To me, this song is a predecessor to Phonography, but a more ‘sensual’ sounding one. · Sexy and fun. Vocals are cute, especially for this era · Never gotten super into this one. Doesn’t seem up to the same caliber as the rest of the album. · the song sounds like another song i’ve heard... · Reminds me of good times · Queen of phone s3x. Phonography is shook . · Love the trance-y vibe of the song, production was executed super well!
  2. JUST KIDDING THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR STARTING THE RED CARPET WITHOUT ME @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @kasavas @Itachi @Iconic 4 U @nwonder @alexxxx @Isla @Thelegendarybritney @OnlyBeyonce @Lemon_Drop @Britney-fan12332143 @Towelney @JP9101 @Mainshow @Roxxy @PokemonSpears @Hooked-On-Knee @Cinderella85 @RebelMe @sugarfallxofme @e_qu33n @ColdAsFire88 @blackoutbixxh @[email protected]@Lorenzo @Jaime45x @vertovera @Easy There @MrPieceOfMe @patience darling @Panos @Theo04t @*******essek @U_WannaLiveFancy @blackoutbixxh @babyimmafreak90 @MathCarmignani @Cocopop @Britney'sBish @Puppy @[email protected] @VCTR @LaLohan @JeniLeeSK8 @JustLuvMe07 @ElenaB @Adriannn @iAlwaysSingLive @AlottaWarmHeart @Peter Pan @bliss @Geralt_of_Rivia @BUWYGF @CripplerCrossface @godneyjspears @Paolo94 @LikeShatteredGlass @filmandstage13 @mihai.serban @Blackout2006 @Leolileinstein @thelegendney @Pissonme
  3. 13 - Toxic Overall rate: 7.8 Lowest rate: 7/10 (x3) @Midnight @kasavas @U_WannaLiveFancy Highest rate: 11/10 (x2) @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @JeniLeeSK8 Comments: · Iconic classic remains iconic. · Of course I love Toxic. It’s an anthem and iconic. · A Classic · Never understood the hype. The verses are brilliant, and the MV is legendary, but the chorus is kinda boring, IMO · This better be #1. The most iconic Britney song. Even Britney knows that · I KNOW I will be crucified for this but I feel like as much as this song is iconic, there are others from this album that are so much better and its just so overplayed at this point. · Masterpiece. It's a Britney signature song and if you don't like it I feel sorry for you for missing the joy. · Classic and iconic music,video and choreography. Praised as it deserves · What artist has a hit absolutely this massive and gets a radio ban cancelled because of it's success? If the radio ban hadn't been in effect Britney would have had even more #1's in her career and this would have been one of them. · What is there NOT to love in this song! ts such a thrilling and adventurous song, and the greatest hit of the 00s! The screeching violins, bollywood-infused instrumentals, and spy-esque production of this song is clearly timeless and iconic by its self! Toxic is clearly Britney's most versatile hit, because from young students to even my teachers love the song. The song has such a incredibly-catchy hook to it and can really summon a dancing marathon in the club. Truly a legendary song and Britney's greatest work. · Obviously it is one of those songs that shaped Britney's career and helped her cement her Legend status, Toxic is that bop · I don't think there is anything else I could say about this song. Reputation precedes her.
  4. IN LAST PLACE IS 14 - Brave New Girl Overall rate: 7.62 Lowest rate: 1/10 @*******essek Highest rate: 11/10 @MathCarmignani Comments: · Deserves SO much more recognition. Underrated gem. · It sounds like a bad Britney bonus track · The worst song on the album, It's nice but it's dated · Should've been on the "Crossroads" soundtrack · cute bop, doesn't really fit the vibe of the album though · I think it's an okay song but for Britney standards not too great. · had to listen to it since it's been a while, not as bad as I was expected, I will consider it as early morning's uglier twin · This song is so much fun! I don't care that it's so out of place on the album because the song is a bop! · Yes... yr reading the right thing. Don’t rub your eyes yes I said it, brave new girl might be an outcast but it slayyyyssss it might not sound so fresh compared to the other tracks but it does its job as a banger in the album itself and the hat paid to brave new girl should go the beginning alone, slays over I got that boom and showdown. The song is so fun to play when you walking on the streets of a city or drive the car too. Such an underrated bop, and deserves so much more praise in the fandom · SLAYYYYYY. When I was a young 14 year old gay boy from a small, ****ed up, homophobic town, I would listen to brave new girl and imagine myself in a big city being openly gay and fabulous. And guess what *****, I did it, and I still bop to this as a reminder! · I cannot at every saying this song doesn't belong in the album. It sounds very ITZ to me and those who say otherwise, clearly doesn't understand the aesthetics of this album. · talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely never been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, **** on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it · I can bop to this song, it’s not bad at all. It just doesn’t fit in all that well on the album. · I skip this whenever I hear the first beat. · Sounds like something off of Circus to me. · WHY IS THIS SONG ON THE ALBUM! - It's even more outrageous than Britney in her sexy jeans. 2 pts for the catchy nature of the chorus. · I get the "didn't fit well" in ITZ but that doidn't take the credit this song deserves. My fav in the first listening of the album (I was 7 years old) · I quite like this song and kinda don’t understand why it gets so much hate! People always say it sounds out of place but I can’t imagine it fitting on any of Britney’s other albums. It’s fine on In the Zone. I love the storytelling on this one, the bouncy, new wave/rap influences and it’s just a fun, catchy track. · The encapsulation of Brit's NY years. Fun, sexy, bubbly, sparkly · I’m not sure what they were thinking when they decided this song made the cut · I dont get the hate of that song, it's pretty cute · BNG is underated. · Hear me out: If Brit starred in her own TV show (not Chaotic) this would be the theme song featuring an animated Brit a la “The Nanny.” Either way, song is a bop. · Everyone hates on this song but it always gets me in a good mood. It hasn’t aged well...but its fun. Kind of reminds me of Ooh La La... · Fun, upbeat song. gets too much hate · Another track that gets a lot of hate from the fan base for no reason. I can picture Britney strutting down the streets of NYC singing this. · The only song on this album not single-worthy. Not because it's a bad song but because it was just not the vibe of the In The Zone era. It felt out of place on this album but I'm giving it a 10/10 because on it's own, it is good in all it's cheesiness.
  5. Welcome to the In The Zone Ceremony! It's time to begin! who came in last place?? @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @kasavas @Itachi @Iconic 4 U @nwonder @alexxxx @Isla @Thelegendarybritney @OnlyBeyonce @Lemon_Drop @Britney-fan12332143 @Towelney @JP9101 @Mainshow @Roxxy @PokemonSpears @Hooked-On-Knee @Cinderella85 @RebelMe @sugarfallxofme @e_qu33n @ColdAsFire88 @blackoutbixxh @[email protected]@Lorenzo @Jaime45x @vertovera @Easy There @MrPieceOfMe @patience darling @Panos @Theo04t @*******essek @U_WannaLiveFancy @blackoutbixxh @babyimmafreak90 @MathCarmignani @Cocopop @Britney'sBish @Puppy @[email protected] @VCTR @LaLohan @JeniLeeSK8 @JustLuvMe07 @ElenaB @Adriannn @iAlwaysSingLive @AlottaWarmHeart @Peter Pan @bliss @Geralt_of_Rivia @BUWYGF @CripplerCrossface @godneyjspears @Paolo94 @LikeShatteredGlass @filmandstage13 @mihai.serban @Blackout2006 @Leolileinstein @thelegendney @Pissonme
  6. just ask him to undo your zipper please after the ceremony and he'll be fine
  7. 10 minutes i'm waiting for everyone else to get here
  8. Wow, maybe i'm channeling Beyonce the thief?
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