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  1. Honestly the POM tour was amazing! i went to Vegas, circus tour and femme fatale and POM was better! I went to two dates and Britney was on fire! The crowd was insane and Britney was non stop moving, it is such an entertaining show! Honestly videos do it no justice, the people who hate it probably have never saw it live. I loved both shows I went to and met so many other stans! I was in awe of Britneys beauty and stage presence!
  2. i've started seeing people i know here in the UK post about FreeBritney on social media and they are the GP and just casual fans, I LOVE to see it!
  3. she's gained another 100,000 since yesterday wow!! 25.1 million
  4. Better Just Luv Me (basically all of Glory) Mona Lisa My Prerogative I Run Away (if live)
  5. well they would want attention to this topic, so that would be the best time to post? I can't at people complaining at them posting when this only spreads more awareness and that is what we need! (not having a go at you)
  6. To think people are criticising her for talking in third person, the guy literally says she gave it to him to read, so it could easily be a script she told him to read out!
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