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  1. i really do not think she would do drugs and i doubt she has done drugs in years (if she has even taken drugs)
  2. abbiesbanned.

    news WHEN WILL WE?!? [UPDATE]

    aww good for mariah and how supportive her fans are being! if only this place could be the same about britney
  3. abbiesbanned.

    socialney This New Britney x Prerogative Clip Is All You Need

    queen of promoting an advert for a fragrance she announced moths ago more than her music
  4. too many to name honestly
  5. abbiesbanned.

    other Mini Tour for the new possible album?

    not happening, don't know why you'd even think that Domination would be an even bigger waste of time if after the first leg she goes on tour?! Britney will be in Hawaii, we just have to face it guys