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  1. I've been a fan since ITZ but can't listen to these albums in full., or I get bored
  2. I see where you are coming from but the majority of her income comes from her ticket sales. At this stage, I can't see them going on world tours anymore or we will BURN the venues down. The perfume sales will be hard to controle since the GP makes it successful, but I don't think that her perfume sales are as strong as they once were. When was the last official report tbh ? The 2 billion bottles thing is so old. The die hard fans are the ones who went to the Britney store in the Axis, the ones who bought her streamed her recent singles, the ones who attended P.i.s.s On Me Tour, who bought the UO vinyls etc. They obviously won't go bankrupt in a few days, but as fans and fervent supporters of the #FreeBritney movement, the least we can do is to stop supporting "her" soulless projects like The Zone and indirectly support this abusive cship.
  3. We have to boycott EVERYTHING related to her. When we pay for their low budget crap, we support the cship. I feel ashamed for giving my hard earned money to Loucifer and her minions all these years, and trust me I won't do it again. If she does not rank million of dollars a year, they will let let her go.
  4. I stumbled upon this video from her polish apparation and had a teary eye... This is all a circus show promoted by her handlers. Just the thumbnail scare the s*** out of me, with Robin and Lynne in the back...
  5. I am going through recent interviews of hers, and they all are heavily monitored. She looks great and spoke openly here, but this video gave me anxiety: It's obvious that she is scared to say something wrong. She repeats the same sentences all the time, and always stare at her team, looking for their approval. I know there's more eye-opening videos, feel free to post them in this thread... I am so sad for her
  6. I remember him. Is there any way for him to report her abusers and handlers to the authorities ?
  7. Superstar, superstar, I know what you are, what you are baby, Daddy oh, daddy oh, I got you crazy, I got you crazy,
  8. You really thought that we would forgot that you have juicy tea on Robin ? PM me
  9. If only she premiered it at the BBMAs 2016 with the original video as it was rumored... I had so many hopes for this amazing song, but they ruined its potential 
  10. Her team is on a budget, even though we pay a lot of money on her shows, they could not care less and just want to save the most. It's getting worse and worse each year, just look at her entrance, outfits, props... for her PoM "tour" compared to TCSBS's. Their only focus is money money money. I was baffled by this before the #FreeBritney movement, but now understand why everything looked so cheap and business oriented last decade.
  11. Why does Loulith wants to put every troubled celebrity under a cship ?
  12. OP could have been more lighthearted, true. However, the whole fanbase think that something is off with her, so I was asking for more information since I/we don't know much, and that she is clearly one of the cship dearest supporter. Also, I am doing this kind of **** on exhale and this place is its own bubble imo. I am not harassing her on twitter or sending her death threats etc like someone else implied in this thread.
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