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  1. Why is she such a mess on Instagram? First her n-word post, then her COVID comments including her posting a video that supported a right-wing conspiracy theory 2 weeks ago, now this. I know that she's an unapologetic narcissist, but she didn't have to diminish the other pop girls to make herself look good. We all know that she's the Queen of Pop™, so can't she just sit down and eat her food?
  2. The gays still stan this monstrosity? I'm so over these YT "influencers" having a platform to say stupid ****. Idk how anyone could try and drag Alicia when she's literally the least problematic pop artist.
  3. Why would she make a video for the 3rd worst song on the album? Just give me the Sour Candy video *****!
  4. I'd be shocked and worried, but I think that her having freedom is her human right. If she suffers a downward spiral then that'll be sad, but she should still be free to make her own decisions.
  5. Rihanna, Ariana and JLo I guess just based on which songs from them I'm most familiar with. But honestly, having the best collabs isn't necessarily an honor in certain cases since a lot of collabs are less like actual collaboration and more like high school group projects where there's always that one lazy kid who doesn't do the work, but still gets credit because their name was written down on the project itinerary.
  6. Why couldn't we get this promo back in June when it would've actually benefited the album release?
  7. Why would anyone spend $30 to watch this when they could just watch the animated version?
  8. Not surprising. She was quiet about the Dr. Luke and Kesha thing, so it makes sense that she'd defend another problematic person.
  9. He's the King of Pop. Of course, I'm not blind to the controversy that ruled the last 2 decades of his career, but I never took the child molestation allegations seriously since both the Jordan and Gavin cases were obviously shake downs, and all the post-2009 allegations that Wade and a bunch of other men have made seem like more of the same, and just an attempt to make some quick money. I mean, there's a big difference between being accused of being a paedophile but never being proven guilty and, say, working with an actual known paedophile twice and marrying another convicted paedophile/****** that you met at a turkey giveaway and having his baby and defending his criminal record.
  10. Congrats to her, but imo having a #1 debut feels so meaningless nowadays when most of them can't stay at # 1 for more than a week [and in a few cases, some can't even stay in the Top 30 for more than a week]. All you need is a strong fanbase to have a #1 these days, but if it's going to tumble down the charts quickly then you have to wonder if it's really an achievement to top the chart for a week if the song in question might not be remembered in the long run, anyway.
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