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  1. Yeah I noticed that too from the first time. I'm sure she realised how silly it looked drawing attention to a mic that wasn't even on. Nah. I reckon the mix between playback and live was different on that feed, or else it had some/more autotune on it. MM would be harder for her to sing live than MM&I.
  2. TBH I don't know why people are doubting this. We know she lip syncs but it's not like she can't sing live or never has done before. She shamelessly lipped at the start, she wouldn't have had two extra mics for nothing. We were also told the plans were for a stripped down performance with live vocals. It was a deliberate 'Yes, I can sing' moment but just came off looking stupid as her mic wasn't on.
  3. I think the choice will be between this and Slumber Party given that they're the most streamed. Honestly, I think it's best to go Just Luv Me first. It's very current sounding but still very Britney and IMO superior to any Selena song that people compare it to. It's obviously more radio friendly as doesn't require any edits. Plus I think if JLM underperforms then Slumber Party can do better as a third single than a second. Even though I'd hate to see it as we've already had features on the last two singles, but Slumber Party could easily have a remix with a guest rap to certify its smasha status.
  4. I believe this. They did the mashup for the reason and the mics were there for a reason. She lipped the start shamelessly and if she wanted to continue lipping the rest she would have just kept the headset on. We were told beforehand that she was supposed to be singing live, she also clearly looked dissapointed whenever she was pointing to the mic. And yes people, she deliberately pointed to it. It was clearly meant to be a 'Yes, I can sing live moment'. I thought she was annoyed that she just got nervous and lipped instead of singing at the time but now it's pretty clear IMO she was disappointed that her mic wasn't on. It made the mic point look stupid.
  5. lol I'm not gonna be making any stan worthy edits any time soon I guess.
  6. Well I know nothing about photoshop so it impressed me. Is there a feature where you can simply replace certain colours with other ones?
  7. How the hell can people even do that. Serious photoshop skills right there.
  8. It's getting more plays on Spotify than release week, VMA performance on YT will count too. If she stays top 5 on iTunes throughout the rest of the week surely there's a solid chance of top 10 no?
  9. Love the positivity. I think I'll need to take a break from here though. Honestly with Glory and her performance here I'm satisfied as a fan. BBMAs was rehashed POM choreo and while it slayed, it wasn't new. I at least felt like I hadn't seen this before and who cares if it wasn't as iconic as her previous performances. She still slayed the performance that she did. Honestly, the 13 yo stan in me that's been waiting all these years for the real Britney to come back can now die happily. She legitimately exceeded my expectations this era for the first time since her breakdown. Too much of this fanbase is toxic.
  10. No because that's what people melting down to need to be told. If you didn't like the performance fine. If you don't like it because you thought Beyonce was better then you're stupid as ***. Because Beyonce's performance doesn't affect Britney's whatsoever.
  11. I wanted something iconic they say. Do they realise how many times Britney has performed? Primeney's iconic VMAs were only a handful of iconic performances while the rest were great. Like Beyonce, great but honestly not iconic. Nostalgia has them deluded.
  12. Honestly, you all hate on EVERYTHING. Like seriously, do I actually hear people praising Beyonce for hitting a camera with a bat? You think a two second internet gif is an iconic moment in pop culture? GTFO And complaining of lipping when she'd done that her entire career. Oh and incase you're deaf, Beyonca's vocals were obviously prerecorded as per the usual for her.
  13. Like there is legitimately no reason to meltdown over this. Maybe it is younger fans/newer fans concerned that Beyonce will get the headlines. Britney reached a level of fame not seen since Marilyn and it almost killed her. She was the most famous person in the world for a decade by a wide margin. She had the print media peak and the boom of the internet, a combination that no other current celeb will reach. She personally DECIDED to remove herself from the public eye and is now choosing to put herself back out there more. Y'all need to stop living vicariously through Britney. Honestly, Beyonce will never touch Britney's legacy, that's just a fact. Maybe you newer/fans can't see that just because Beyonca is more current at this stage but I've followed pop culture avidly for over a decade and I don't even need to think about doubting the truth of that. Britney's impact on pop culture and music >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> She is a legend and she needs to prove NOTHING. You people just WANT her to fill whatever void it is in your life. Honestly, what impact do you think the artist you stan for has on you, or how much does you acting superior to other fan bases actually count for in REALITY.t? Cus let me educate you, it has absolutely ******* zero. Care less about other artists and their stans. I'm extremely proud of her for SLAYING a performance with subtle staging and no props. It was ALL HER, no gimmicks, no army of backup dancers and it was beautiful. I didn't care about anyone else because they are not worthy of my concern. It was her best performance since her prime. And she's finally brought out another amazing album that is a genuine Britney disc as well as performing great again. She's back. It's Britney *****. The one true Godney. The Holy Spearit. **** off tnx.
  14. Beyonce's performance will be forever remembered how. It will be remembered that she gave a great performance. But there will be no iconic imagery from it. Y'all act like every single primeney performace was iconic. Newsflash, most of them weren't.
  15. IDK how you can't love that performance. That was the best she's performed on a major platform since her prime. The staging suited the song, it's a slow jam. She slayed much more than the BBMAs. I don't care about Beyonca, I haven't heard the album so I found it boring. The staging was great but she also was lipping to prerecorded vocals. Some of you just need to focus on Britney. Her legacy and contribution to pop culture is exceeded only by MJ and Madonna. The fact that she's amnaged to bring it back to this level after 9 long years is unbelievable. Between Glory and this, this is finally the comeback I was waiting for.
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