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  1. Check This one out . . . . . https://soundcloud.com/samwoods321/britney-spears-vs-some-treat-feat-leu-toms-diner-lost-in-vegas-remix
  2. Cinderella would have fit perfect between boys and imag
  3. Mmmmm. I would say yes, but by degree of seperation. After prince's fiasco, that highlights how important it is for a artist to own thier music. I think her management, lawyers and handlers probably do own a % along with brit and her legal team and family. Of course it all depends on what contracts there are, what was signed when. She may only own bits & pieces
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9plrlqeKark
  5. Hi all, I have made a edit of britneys vegas show. please let me know if you like it xx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80O6XGKacEU
  6. I love Michelle, her latest album hopeless romantic is great. Saw her live on here only UK date last year
  7. I hate the term public figure. Such bullshit, there is no such f**king thing. Just another irrelevant useless label
  8. Can you imagine if there really wasn't any mystery and we just wound ourselves up and they are milking it for the colum inches
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