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  1. I love when bad role models have kids. Now that's really why she got her d cups removed! What an inspiration! Are we gonna get the real nose next?
  2. She faked some vocals...people heard...didn't like it...didn't stream it...didn't buy it. She owns up to it...people know it...didn't like it...didn't stream...didn't buy it. She releases her own stuff...no one hears...doesn't get streamed...no one buys... She did backing vocals for a big star... mocks the star...trails that star for years...plastic surgery and demos and eps...no one cares... Was complicit in the C-ship...give that horsy a carrot she can go back go back to her stable now...
  3. Britney didn't know what fame was truly gonna be because the internet and instagram and paparazzi and youtube didn't exist while gaga purposely sought out that level of fame it wasn't music fame she wanted it was fame and attention just like Paris or Kim yet we give Gaga such leeway...but that's the truth
  4. She'll keep on flopping. Worst than tacky during this time! i used to love her.
  5. i love her. I bought her record but in a world where children are in cages and people die in the streets because of the color of the their skin...i'm not sure how i feel about this princess film but i think because it wasn't directed proper for the narration...it really makes me realize how disconnected the privileged and the normal, poor, or middle class are
  6. She is so thirsty for attention and her "talent" isn't enough to get to it. Sad to say but she will sink further and maybe die because she has nothing but yes people around her.
  7. Jaime is a drunk. he could be rehabbed...if the records are there. Being molested is hard. It's not simple ...and Brandon Davis is in a heir (billions) famous for calling Lindsay a fire crotch so...he is nothing more
  8. I've done meth and been "addicted". Its easy to judge her and isn't it easier to believe the narrative set forward by her team against her! Why is it so her hard to give her a chance...like to give Taylor Swift proper kudos for her success...a woman can't be in control or at the top!!!
  9. We got some fake *** mental health **** going on in here?
  10. I wonder what Amy would think about that? or Britney ?
  11. to let @roxxy bully me about my mental illness and bipolar disorder that i deserved it because i shouldn't have questioned her
  12. @easythere were you not there a few months ago telling ME that @roxxy was just a a mean ***** that bullies everyone here and that it would be in my best interest to shut up and let her bully me too
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