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  1. Analyzing Britney's videography, I realize the different perspective of each human being, because for me they are perfect, perfect MVs. What do you think are the most underrated music videos by fandom and gp? I think that by fandom they would be criminal It is an excellent song and the story has movie footage. Britney is very involved in the character and the sexual scene is . I also like radar, regardless of how many times they used this song, the video was a clear message from Britney to prefer freedom over money. I love her I love rock and roll and the boys are underrated music videos. The incredible choreography of the children deserved to be as iconic as Overprotected. And Britney's rock attitude is incredible. Analyzing overprotected I am surprised that the darkchild remix has not been uploaded to their YouTube channel. Although it would reduce visits, it is an incredible material that deserves an official record. and your thoughts?
  2. I blindly believe in accusations of p*******a, and that is why it is impossible for me to tolerate his music (and beware that as a child I was a fan)
  3. I once read that Britney always used scented candles (and that her favorite is vanilla) and that in 2002 she burned a curtain because she always left them on and forgot to turn them off
  4. Outrageous mv a duet with JT Onyx hotel in Asian, Latin American and Australian markets. 4th single Circus. To have waited a little longer to get married and to have exploited his career (at a less unbridled pace) until 2007. Do not release music between 2016 to 2018. have acted more in the 2000's
  5. Congratulations!! good that you follow your dreams. keep it up. I hope you publish your songs soon.
  6. when he was a little he copied all his gestures. Between 2011 and 2012 she imitated Britney's bitter face and her way of dressing (with wide and old clothes) . In 2014 he imitated his "ah" face in chaotic. 2018 I applauded when I liked something until my friends told me it seemed mentally ******** and finally in 2019 I had smoked so much ********* that I started to imitate this video (clearly my boyfriend didn't know what he was doing)
  7. Just add the MVs that are on your official YouTube channels. If I add Scream & Shout I would have to add all collab Justin and Christina too FF singles, Work ***** and Pretty Girls were strong hits the first few months of release. We didn't know how to appreciate it
  8. Hi. I am venturing into the art of creating data visualization and did a versus between christina, nsync, justin and Britney based on the reproduction of their music videos from 2010 to July 2020. https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/3333115/ Britney Spears Youtube Ranking https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/3333294/
  9. I'm beginning! He gave me severe hepatitis, so I decided to start leaving meats, questions and dairy. I've only been 2 months and I love it. I recently tried a banana streak and it was amazing. My favorite dish is legumes with lots of fried vegetables.
  10. Are you going to tell me that you never *********** thinking of Troy Bolton? What gay planet are you from?
  11. I agree to some extent. There are several songs from 2008-2009 that I liked, but I feel that in general their music is not that good ... but it does not mean that I am going to say that it is mediocre and compare it to Brit (100% understandable Britney's attitude, that is not is discussed ) because LG is incredibly talented when she wants and her name is always synonymous with quality, and whoever says otherwise is deaf and blind
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