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  1. On 9/6/2018 at 6:07 PM, Alex_1991 said:

    They're auditioning dancer in weeks.
    She's been recording for a while now.
    Everybody + their mothers confirmed a new residency early 2019.
    They'll probably announce the thing in december with the new single and launching the new album in february 

    I reckon they’ll hire the dancers this month and hire all the designers, tour directors and choreographers etc and they’ll sort out all the props, logistics, contracts in October. they’ll rehearse the show in November and December and the single will be released on the 2nd December. Britney will have a couple weeks off over Christmas and start promo in January with the show starting 14th February 

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  2. 22 hours ago, BritneysBitch82 said:

    The mic is not functional, its part of her costumes, probably lays in the wardrobe along with the underwear between shows:tbh:

    I never mentioned the mic. I was talking about the earpiece. Also, the mic is very functional. That’s how she speaks during the concert 😂😂

  3. Honestly can’t wait until the o2 London box scores are out. 20,000 tickets per night sold out for three nights. That’s 60,000 tickets. If 10,000 tickets are 2 million dollars, then 60,000 tickets must be like 12 million dollars. In 3 days she earns nearly what she got in X factor.


    f**k that’s a lot of money 

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  4. 52 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    He went off script talking about being the freakshow guy... How did he expect Britney to handle that??????? We all know how fragile she is. I think the best thing for Britney is to just stop the M&G's all together. But then again she probably figures it's money for nothing that'll go to K-Fat lol

    Britney should just say that they have already been chosen and give him a run on the arm and tell him to have a great night and enjoy the show.

    not freak out and end the convo because she doesn’t have a script 😂

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  5. What’s ridiculous is everyone sticking up for this girl. We all know she ‘brushed’ her hand over Britneys bum. It’s clearly obvious what’s happened. She went in for a discreet feel and Britney wasn’t having any of it. Good on her.

    its sick that people here are sticking up for her because she paid a lot of money. 

    No amount of money validates sexual harassment 

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