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  1. I’d be here for it! Considering she performed most of her choreo every day for like 6 months out of every year, it shouldn’t be too hard for her to watch them on YouTube and pick it up again. I imagine it’ll take her 20 or 30 minutes per song. Especially considering she’s so used to dancing
  2. The industry is swinging round again. House/dance/electro-pop is coming back and Britney needs to be there in 2021 to do what she does best
  3. Let’s be real, I imagine Britney has LOADS of designer stuff. Herve Leger, Versace, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Michael Costello , Michael Cinco etc. She’s just a simple gal and is most comfortable in trainers and shorts like we all are
  4. Well to me it was, the general public can ignore the live satisfaction intro and attack the dancing and lipping all they like. She proved she has the pipes, the talent, the fire and the dancing ability that night. She was truly electric and that’s why she’s a legend
  5. This performance made her the artist she is today. This is when she was really taken seriously as a pop girl, a singer, an artist and a performer. We love to see it
  6. I find that a routine and work keeps me busy and gets the best out of me. She’s always said she’s happy when she’s dancing and performing, even Jamie and Lynne has said in documentaries ‘She loves what she’s doing’. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was craving a bit of showbiz tbh, she’s still a ball of energy
  7. I’d say at this point Britney and Beyoncé are equal... They have both had very distinguished careers for very different reasons. Ritney pushed the boundaries of pop music, And created some of the most iconic moments, music and fashion of the last 20 years. Beyoncé has not only reinvented the album, but she’s one of the greatest allies that women and black people have in the mainstream media, and she inspires millions with her lyrics. I don’t think we should be putting these women against each other YET again. Beyoncé enjoys Britney’s music, Britney enjoy’s Beyoncé’s music (Or at least respects it) and they both know their place in the industry. Beyoncé saw the peak of Britney’s career when she was still in DC and released her first solo album. Britney saw the peak of Beyoncé’s career when Britney was in Vegas. They both in their own lane and they both have their own strengths.
  8. I totally agree with her. The music she’s been releasing lately as an independent artist is what she’s truly feeling right now, but back then she was POP. All hands on deck, all my friends, slumber party, flame, all pop. And I can see how she was pushed to be a more urban artist and she really hand on to her dancing thing even though her songs weren’t particularly uptempo. I’m glad she has her own direction now, but she was severely mismanaged by Larry and RCA, as usual.
  9. To be fair, it looks like an AI upscale to me. I’m working on some special Britney moments for my collection. Maybe I should start a channel? 🧐
  10. Honestly same! Circus was HUGE. FF was HUGE. She was up there with Katy, Gaga, Katy, JLO and Bruno on the charts. She was still a main pop force. Right up until Scream and Shout. Then Britney Jean came out and no effort was put in whatsoever
  11. This isn't meant rudely, I'm genuinely curious but... Why do you think it's her team stopping her getting plastic surgery? Why do you think she should have plastic surgery? Just because her peers in the music business decide to hang on to their youth for as long as possible doesn't mean Britney should have to too. Her male counterparts such as Justin Timberlake, Jay z, Kanye, Bruno Mars, Eminem an Adam Levine for example never get asked about their appearance, questioned on their youth or are expected to defy their age. She is a GORGEOUS woman, who is 38 years old and has 2 children. It's perfectly normal for teeth to change position and for lines to appear, its called ageing and it happens to all of us. Personally, I would never reinforce the idea that women should have to age better than men just because they are women Maybe the bill won't be paid for surgery because Britney thinks it's unnecessary.
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