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  1. emu's one seems to be intact tho welp now that's a conspiracy theory i'm interested in
  2. legends think alike gems like: ThinkICaughtBritney, buubuuuuuubuuuuu
  3. me i am grammy legend is better than caution
  4. omg yes i literally have my booklet put in reverse
  5. i will have to recreate that mirror selfie with my future boyfriend the facial expressions were classic drunkriah who is a kim
  6. mariah queen of flops and comebacks wbk well hurry up
  7. omg our postcount JKSFHKFSDFH went down by a half fffff agatha wassup omg
  8. welcome to my Mar1ah era hello rawri <3 well if you remember my past with usernames...they were...quite something....
  9. of course i was PERCHEDT for the drop i was bopping with some sisturs next to me we were STANNING
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