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  1. Honestly, the best move for Britney in her career right now is to have the conservatorship terminated. Can you imagine the boycotting that will happen if she somehow performs while still under it?
  2. Please don't rip my head off for this post. I'm NOT justifying the exploitation and abuse from the conservatorship. All that I'm trying to do with this post is gain some understanding. It's no secret that the reason Britney has never filed for termination of the conservatorship is because of custody. Britney's custody was already in trouble throughout 2007, and the night of January 5, 2008 couldn't have helped her custody case. Whether she was tricked or not (via her letter), it's still not a good look from a judicial perspective. Perhaps without a person controlling her, making sure she doesn't make the same mistakes again, she'd lose custody? Maybe the conservators have to impose certain restrictions on her in order for the conservatorship to be legitimate?
  3. https://dbree.org/v/11b78 this leaked a couple days ago if anyone wants to confirm if it’s real or not
  4. Does anyone else feel like this reeks of damage control for Maddie's own career? Conversations about ableism became mainstream like two years ago I doubt Maddie cried about potentially harmfully representing autistic people in 2016 lol
  5. Taylor hasn't really been hated on to a massive degree since like 2016 In a way, that hate is somewhat comparable to the hate Britney got in 2007, but it didn't last nearly as long + everyone in this thread proving OP's point hopping on old talking points like Taylor's "power hungry" that old Katy Perry tweet "Regina George" lmao grow up
  6. I really like Wendy tbh but I can’t stand people who vehemently push the “Britney Spears is mentally ill” narrative. If ANYONE is in need of a conservatorship, it’s Wendy. Randomly falling live on air? Drug addiction? I love her but her opinions on Britney genuinely bother me to the core.
  7. What did you think of the conservatorship before #FreeBritney? I guess I didn't really know what it was. I thought it was just a type of arrangement with her label or something, idk. I remember seeing a thread on here back when I first joined (around 2012 or 2013) where someone was saying that the c-ship forces her to work and threatens her custody of her kids, etc. and someone replying that a conservator can't force someone to work, etc. I was also 10 around this time and a new fan, so my understanding of Britney Spears the person was very limited. I just assumed Britney was in it for the money from seeing how happy and excited she was during the Femme Fatale era LOL Did anyone else buy into the "Britney Spears is severely mentally ill" narrative and did that shape your perception of the c-ship? I'm curious, what did y'all think?
  8. I mean...who wouldn't use their relationship with an A list celeb to promote their unknown music lol
  9. lmao the fact this exists tells me she for sure that she saw that tweet earlier this year that was like "if Friday was released today y'all would eat it up" lol I kinda like it tbh
  10. A couple years ago I did a DEEP dive trying to find the original files for all of her unreleased So I have those if that's what you're looking for?
  11. SNBM: The version that leaked in 2001 wasn't the complete mix that leaked in 2007 SO: original leaked by Britfan505 in 2011, feature was leaked in 2007 HO: leaked on Perez Hilton's blog (I'm pretty sure?) in 2007 ATWK: leaked along side the OG sippin on by Britfan505 in 2011 Are you looking for the specific dates?
  12. I didn’t do this spek right, OP sent me the unedited file and I compared. It’s actually lower quality, HOWEVER, the ending is different, so it makes sense that it wouldn’t match up at the end. The drums also seem too complex for some average trader to make. I don’t think it’s the official final mix at all, but I’m pretty sure it’s real TBH
  13. I disagree. He's pissed off for wtv reason and decided to use that word out of anger I'd agree it was an overreaction if he was younger, and this video was older. But it's not. Everything he's gotten as a consequence is warranted (except harsh bullying)
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