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  1. Taylor Swift’s Fearless Tour in 2009 <3 I think I was 6 or 7?
  2. Last exclusive that Jordan got was what? That Britney was singing Something To Talk About Im 2017????????? @moonwalkmars has done a lot for #FreeBritney but he’s also made it a complete joke with the dramatization of it. Ugh
  3. I met Jamie Lynn in 2015 after her show and had her sign her CD for me. I can’t speak of her personality behind closed doors, but she was very kind to me (in the 30 seconds I talked to her LOL). I choose to believe that there are too many things that we don’t know about Bryan or Jamie Lynn’s involvement in the conservatorship, and before we know everything we can’t accuse them of exploiting their sister. But maybe that’s just me hoping it’s not true, too.
  4. On American Dynasty rn. Cardigan is the best so far lol
  5. poor Britney But think of it like this: they’re pushing the court date back because she can’t connect! She’s getting a say in her rights? Maybe this is a win in disguise???? Or am I reaching LOL
  6. Where’d you hear her internet couldn’t connect??? I don’t see anything on Twitter
  7. Idk if this is in any of the lists, but Britney being under the conservatorship was a clause in her contract with Caesar's Entertainment in 2013 If the c-ship was dissolved during the course of the show, CE had the right to stop it ig https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/09/britney-spears-las-vegas-residency-conservatorship/
  8. You guys are SO dramatic. It doesn't say she's becoming a conservator. It says she wants to know what's happening with her finances. Don't forget that it was LYNNE who went to court with Britney in 2019 where Britney said Jamie put her in a facility after not taking her pills. Just wait and see jfc
  9. Okay off topic but as soon as I turned off my laptop I turned on family guy and they were singing this song lmao
  10. Drinking alone in my party dress Would you come back if I looked my best? Put on a smile and I said to myself
  11. I’m at a loss, guys lmao Did James sexually assault someone??? Is that true??? i don’t know what to believe
  12. I dont think they’re true lossless, but on Spek the spectrogram reaches the top on all of the files.
  13. Exactly! I don’t think this is the real studio acapella either. Notice how the high pitched “not alone”s aren’t tuned? I bet they just threw all the takes together and added reverb LOL ALSO the channel who posted this claims to have all of the stems from Britney Jean Every time they “leak” something it’s just an edit/filter/AI filter from already leaked things.
  14. Could you provide a Spek of your All That She Wants and State Of Grace files? ‘Cause they never leaked in lossless. A lot of times scammers change the bit rate (44.1k, 48k, and in your ATSW file’s case, 88.2k) to make it appear in higher quality on Spek than it actually is. Off the top of my head, the only unreleased songs that have leaked in lossless are Red Hot Lipstick, And Then We Kiss (Original), Sippin’ On (Original), Rock Star, Dangerous, Every Day, Strangest Love, and Abroad.
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