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  1. If you had to choose a past bonus track song for an album to take the direction of, what would it be? Pop Rock based from 'Don't Keep Me Waiting' for example.
  2. indyRS

    exhale Can Britney be relevant again?

    She will never be relevant like she is to be. Artists, Actors, etc all have their time of being in a prime. Then it fades out. Some still maintain a successful career. Britney's still very popular and beloved. But she's not at that phase in her career where she's releasing hit after hit. Her team kinda doesn't care or take time to really focus on her artistry. Plus, Britney doesn't want to be 'relevant' again. She's been there done there. Why do fans want that? I just want good music and amazing videos. She likes doing that and that's all we need.