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  1. It's none of your ******* business. Or anyone's. Jesus. Leave the woman alone. Yall think just because you have a strong belief about something, that it justifies you breaching into someone's privacy and personal business. And now everyone is spreading the rumors that Sam is being paid and was hired to be Britneys boyfriend. Good god. Y'all are horrible fans.
  2. True, but this more applies to back in her day. When she could own the stage herself Nowadays she blends more in with the production as one. Which isn't bad, Because there use to be select POM dates where she would own that stage, and Billboard 2016, VMA's too.
  3. Came across this post on Reddit from some years back when she was in Vegas. "One of my clients is a butler for her during her stays in Vegas. He tells me she kind of lives a sad existence, but she likes making floral arrangements. When she inquired about the hotel getting her flowers once, it was out of her allowed budget, and a butler had to drive to a grocery store to get her some :( " Makes you wonder..
  4. I hope this is true. Simply because, it means she's passionate about having a say for herself. She deserves to get what SHE wants.
  5. Jesus, she's not a secluded senior citizen. She has a tv, she has a phone, etc. So, why do you think she's always posting from home? So she doesn't get infected! We all will be sick and she'll be gracing us with many IG posts from home.
  6. Regardless if this IS related to Britney, this is true. Meds can change on you, and you have to find the right balance and amount Carrie Fisher talked about how hers sometimes acted up and she's have a bad episode. It didn't happen often but she still experienced it a few times before her passing If Britney is on medication, it could need to be altered from time to time
  7. Can someone message me the link? Oh my gosh!! This is exciting.
  8. Don't even try to pretend to know their relationship or anything. If she's happy, that's all that matters. I use to not care for him, but he seems to be making her really happy. But nice attempts to try and bring up negative attention. Even if they aren't happy, it's none of our ******* business.
  9. Listening to the Circus one, I'm currious, do you have the stems for it? Absolutely love all these mixes! I've been a fan for almost a year now, I always jam out to the Get Naked one hehe.
  10. And you also firmly believe that Britney and Sam aren't together anymore and they post IG photos to keep up the lie. No offense but I think you're a bit misguided. No, sorry... not a bit misguided, severely delusional is the phrase I would rather use..
  11. No demand for her? I'm glad you don't speak for all of us fans And it's not a comeback, she didn't go anywhere, she's just in a career hiatus, like every single artist does. Like every other artist, the demand surely does diminish once they aren't in their peak anymore, but she's still incredibly popular. It's Britney Spears!!! Not to be mean but your post was ridiculous just in the way you're thinking. She's stepping back and enjoying her personal life and other behind the scenes things. When she's ready to release a new album, she will. She's also still contracted for one more album too with RCA.
  12. Well yeah, she married into the Royal Family. That's an incredible amount of pressure. Always keeping with their rules and etiquette.. There was no way to be prepared for it until she got into the marriage and the upright image she must always maintain. Especially when she grew up most her life here in America. Then couple that with being a new mum. It's bound to be stressful. I have no doubts she'll get through it l.
  13. Was playing around with stems and what not and was rather proud of the finished product. Let me know what you think! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hCTVxSjNskAQR9naBo1DMDOW2dgNzBvb/view?usp=drivesdk
  14. Damn, you must hate a lot of people that have no impact over you .. Also, why isn't her paparazzi bf on here?
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