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  1. indyRS

    socialney What could she do to look her age?

    She actually looks good for her age. Most of the time it's bad makeup, bad lighting and just off days. But I think she looks beautiful as she always has.
  2. If they gave a setlist of 10 songs for a Britney Dance Game for the Xbox Kinect, what songs would you chose?
  3. indyRS

    news Work Bitch will be in Just Dance 2019?

    Just Dance did a crappy job of the choreography for Circus. maybe the games style are moves that aren't too complex. But I wish it we're more like the original.
  4. indyRS

    socialney Britney on "MOM" tv series

    Yes please!! I absolutely love that show. Been a fan since the pilot episode premiere. Very very great idea!!!