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  1. indyRS

    I have nice "dude" handwriting, apparently...

    This really makes me wanna see what you look like. Idk y tho
  2. This forums is just not always the best place... And plus it's okay to stand other artists.. So many fans here trash absolutely every other artist in defence of Britney. I just like to think of it as not losing interest in Britney, but taking a step back while nothing is happening in her career worthy getting attention over.
  3. I think the genre of pop/dance music is at a generic era. Like how a type of music is "in" or mainstream, so many artists hire producers to make songs based on that. That's why I want Britney to work with new producers that are off the map and not the usual top producers of music today. We need a new wave of pop music to be Innovative and bring everyone out of this funk.
  4. indyRS

    socialney What could she do to look her age?

    She actually looks good for her age. Most of the time it's bad makeup, bad lighting and just off days. But I think she looks beautiful as she always has.
  5. If they gave a setlist of 10 songs for a Britney Dance Game for the Xbox Kinect, what songs would you chose?