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  1. I never had any but I grew up seeing the ads in Nickelodeon magazine lol. Always thought she looked cool in 'em.
  2. OK at least someone isn't just blindly following this guy. I've seen enough of how strange he is from the tweet above. I have no interest in digging any further. Not even sure how reliable his claim is…
  3. Ok. I'm just mentioning what she said in that particular video.
  4. It's not hard for true fans to admit that Janet is Britney's biggest inspiration of the two. It really irritates me that the general consensus — or even the PR answers from Britney during interviews at a certain point in her career — are always Madonna. They're blond, white pop stars. Sure, vocally, I can hear and it's obvious some of Madge's influence on Brit. But the complete and total impact that Janet has on Britney as a performer and singer is undeniable. Totally undeniable.
  5. I said "joke or not." It's not hard for me to get that you, at least, were joking around,. Regardless, it's not a far cry for The Blast to make that statement — jokes and all.
  6. I'm glad you said that. I'm from the south too, although not the Deep South and as someone who grew up with mostly other women, I can understand where he's coming from. A lot of what he said was a) in good fun and b) just part of his type of southern culture. As you said, it just wasn't that deep. I also agree about him not being able to necessarily speak out directly about everything — whether it's tied to the legality of the situation or just an ethical privacy standpoint. It really is a private matter at the end of the day. Again, I think people are taking the reservations thing too seriously. I think he said that as an example to illustrate what his general concerns are regarding just how much direct control she'd have over things. It's not really specifically about making dinner or hotel reservations.
  7. Y'all were literally in here yesterday talking about Exhale hackers. Joke or not, don't act like that statement is so far-fetched. They may have even read here and posted that based on these remarks.
  8. I'm glad this got set straight, although it's pretty ****ty that this kind of information can be disseminated anyway because there's always a lack of privacy with Britney. The connection error thing didn't make all that much sense and just wound up as fodder for conspiracy theories, which only thwart the original goal and desires of the #FreeBritney movement.
  9. I think they're all there self-isolating together amid the pandemic. I'm sure they don't all live there. Jamie Lynn is a married woman after all. And I don't think just because she owns the fragrances (or owned it) means that she gets all 100 billion. But I know what you're getting at, I think.
  10. I can see that. It coddles her because everything is planned out and managed for her. I think that's part of what Bryan was getting at. Well, he said himself he was working for her during the Vegas run, so there's that.
  11. I don't think it's that. I think he wasn't initially articulating himself well. He ultimately said he wasn't sure how practical it was for her to not have anyone around at all. As in, how practical is it for her not to have anyone doing things for her since she's always had that. It'll be a big adjustment. He's wondering to what extend will the team be reduced and she'll be handling all the day-to-day things. But it's true, what Drew said, Britney can then go and hire assistants. Then, she can designate them to do things.
  12. There are really the main pull quotes from this. That's what it boils down to for Bryan. And I think that's a legitimate concern. You expounded on it here, Bryan's apparent concerns. I think this makes sense. And while I was irritated with the podcast host's lack of preparedness 🙄 I did appreciate some of the questions he brought up. Mentioning that Britney could get assistance was valid, although it was a bit of an oversimplification of Bryan's concerns. Obviously, he used the reservations as an example. I think his larger concern is what @waynebradybydaymentioned: She's always had a team to handle things for her to an extent. That is a stabilizing thing and to take that away, it would be a huge change. That's a lot to deal with.
  13. Jamie Lynn saying she's not going to discuss her sister's mental health is not the same as Bryan talking about the conservatorship. I'm still stunned he even spoke about it. My takeaway is that it did seem as if he was doing a lot of talking without saying much, but at the same time, he's not going to put all of his family's business out there either. And with the conservatorship being a legal thing, he probably shouldn't go into specifics about certain things. So, the vagueness there did not surprise me. Some little tidbits he shared were interesting — it's good to know wth he does for a living exactly and how he was involved in her career before. He definitely has a… let's say "traditional southern" outlook on women and domestic roles, it looks like. And that bit about Britney's driving — that's nothing new. She herself has said she's not the best driver. Also, it's nice to get confirmation about her thoughts — but wouldn't any 38-year-old want to be in charge of grabbing Starbucks without asking for permission or spending as much money as they deem fit on clothes etc.? We really didn't need her brother to confirm that. On the other hand, if he said she was content with it, y'all wouldn't have believed that.
  14. With the way Bryan seems to be, it makes sense that he wouldn't go. It's his sister. He's been living with her and knows what her bedroom looks like etc. Idk. That doesn't bother me.
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