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  1. because its HER product and it fits perfectly with the whole concept her perfumes product placement were always on point and britney looks gorgeous in all the scenes
  2. in her last video her mouth looks perfectly fine tbh.. much better than before one month also she is pressing her lips so much here u know they will look odd
  3. can we blame him? i fully respect David if this is the case those ads just make the video look cheap and tacky and desperate if u ask me the only "ads" that worked on britneys videos are her own perfumes that actually blend it with the concept of the video and are always visually pleasing tbh
  4. she always says that srsly the vid is really a mess.. the only thing that britney seems to be proud of is the song which slays
  5. the only thing i would change about that song is making sure she sounded like immaculateney in all of the song (she slays so much that part )
  6. this video is a tribute to currentneys beauty i just wish they didnt use that blur effect that much
  7. from the looks of it we would get another WB its really similar but britney is like 10x more confident thats what makes me mad and looks even more gorgeous
  8. um... they were there when the video was shot..? if it was pointless then why shoot the video and spend so much money on it?
  9. damn her flawless back she looks AMAZING in that scene with the pulled back hair
  10. unfortunately im kinda over it too.. i will watch the video only to see her beautiful face but thats all on it
  11. ok so lets see what we have from the new video because its not all that bad.. Pros: - Britney looks GORGEOUS - she looks **** and fierce in the solo scenes and her outfits are on point -she is BACK for real now (body wise, confidence wise) Cons: -the cheap product placement ruins the video even more - the scrapped concept of the original video thus making a new video that is so mainstream its just like every other basic mv out there -her team and britneys artistry have dropped really low if they were the ones who had this idea of redoing the video -the screencap that they used for the album cover but then again after all that i am hoping that they release the original video even as a bonus or smth and really show what britney is capable to do and how far she takes it
  12. its the new vanilla candles question soon they will even make pokemon candles
  13. well everyone thought it was gonna be a performance except britney
  14. this is the first time i agree with you gurl even though you were the one making threads about how she should change her face back in 2012 and now that you got that you came back complaining in 2013
  15. the snippet really doesnt say much here the whole thing the rest of the song has AMAZING vocals than the pitchy preview we got
  16. thank you gurl i have some complains myself but i want to enjoy this era as much as i can there are some people who said that her career will end with this album..
  17. PS is more experimental and different where MM sounds much more catchy and its more fluid but it does sound more mainstream i must say.. still im on the MM team for now but im jamming PS atm SPIN IT BACK SPIN IT BACK 360 PUT ON A PRIVATEEEE SHOOWWW
  18. she looks gorgeous on the cover but i agree with the other stuff.. but for now the MUSIC is good so that is all that matters
  19. well if we want to care we will.. but its irritating because the song is good and from that rehearsal vid u cant tell the performance will make it even better idc so much about the charts but i just want some exposure bcz she seems like she is into it this time but her team has a different strategy..
  20. so from what i guess september is the month that the album is coming out guys thats why there starting the promo YAS YAS
  21. that was a good interview but we all know larry so i will just wait and hear the album to judge
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