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  1. On 12/30/2020 at 1:29 AM, Easy There said:

    First of all. That VMA promo has to be one of her best looks. Perfection from head to toe. She was serving mature Oopsney/Brirney eraney. She looked so young and pretty during this time period.

    Also looking back she was sending so many hints in 2008. And this is definitely one of them.


    I have a feeling trapped in elevator aka HUMAN Nature intro was one of them as well.

    i feel like many fellow artists; mv directors, photographers etc tried to express what they saw on Britney and tried to create a visual that represents her current state 

    thats what artists do but her team probably didn't really see this part of their work apart from La Chappels work  

  2. 6 hours ago, Bundy said:

    Lynne never fooled me tbh. The sad part is they continue acting as if everyone has to put up with Jamies bs. Their mentality is toxic, ***ist and dysfunctional. 

    Ill also leave this here.

    As terrible as it must have been for Lynne to witness Britney's plight, the most difficult chapters for her to write in her book were those concerning her youngest daughter Jamie Lynn's pregnancy at the age of 16, and the birth of her baby daughter, who is now six months old.

    Jamie Lynn followed Britney into showbusiness by starring in children's TV show Zoey 101, and when the story of her pregnancy broke, the critics were quick to blame Lynne.

    'With Britney, everything had always been out there in the public domain,' she says. 'So, even if I wasn't used to the pain, I was still used to those things happening. But with Jamie Lynn it was so different. I couldn't believe that my studious, perfect little girl had got herself pregnant. I just went into shock. But she's doing great now, and is a wonderful mum to Maddie Briann.'

    toxic indeed... and distructive 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Bundy said:

    'I admire Jamie for making the effort and trying to do it well,' says Lynne. 'We decided he should be the one to do it, because he's the stronger figure. Mums always give in to their kids because we're softies, and what Britney needed at the time was the stronger person.'

    But Jamie, too, has had his problems. He has battled with an addiction to alcohol, though he has now been sober for five years. 'We all had reservations at first,' admits Lynne, 'and we all worried that the stresses of such a major undertaking would affect them both. But Jamie's really doing well with Britney, and I must give him credit for that.'

    By all accounts, Mr Spears is no slouch on the disciplining front, apparently drawing up a list of rules with which his 27-year-old daughter must comply, including no emailing or driving. And no exceeding the £750 a month allowance he gives her. 'She was spending a lot of money, so that would make sense,' says Lynne.

    In the TV documentary For The Record, which was recently screened on Sky, Britney likened her current predicament to a jail sentence. 'I'm sure she does feel reined in too tight some days,' says her mother, 'but it was definitely necessary in the beginning.

    'Jamie's real gruff sometimes, but he's been a disciplinarian when it was needed. He's always adored his children, but when they were younger, he was so distracted with work and was drinking heavily, so they maybe didn't bond like they should have done.'

    a disciplinarian that beats her kids.. thats what it turned into 

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  4. On 12/20/2020 at 3:59 AM, Body ache said:

    The budget was used for the MM music video. Her label didn't want to spend that much for SP. Neither song sold the album. In fact the whole fiasco and official MM music video turned off people from the era. Britney's first single rollouts are always top notch and hyped. Once the hype was met with an unappealing music video/performance, then it really ruined the era. SP had some hope but it didn't get any promotion.

    and they just left us with this new version of the video



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  5. 1 hour ago, Easy There said:

    I mean she was the same weight trough entire 2016 even slimmer in 2017. But she went overboard with fillers after this commercial.

    Plus her hair and makeup were always either a hit or a miss. Mostly a miss.



    2016ney served looks but most of the time she had excessive tanning that made her look older. :bieber_justin_smirk_weird:


    However in this commercial she looks more close to her natural skin color and has light makeup with some darker shades of blond 

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  6. 21 minutes ago, Steel Magnolia said:


    She was chained to the house?

    Caged in her own backyard?

    And then...

    She destroys the house?

    And the car she was driving somehow gets wrecked? (Maybe while she escapes?)

    No wonder the original MM video was never released. :staysalty_hands_rub_so_there_blue_walk_away_made_my_point:


    Lachappelle as an artist basically expressed what he saw or may have heard over the years... and created a surreal storyline to go along with it 

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  7. 16 hours ago, Yolo_92swag said:

    Thank goodness social media and camera phones weren’t big in ‘03.. This pop icon moment would’ve been spoiled if it happen now hahaha! 

    and also now people wouldn't be as shocked by 3 women kissing. At that time, people were not as open as they are now with lgbtq related events and especially when its done by 3 straight women.  

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