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  1. Can't believe I am late to this thread. Going through this thread my absolute favourites were already selected so listen to the second tier songs (still amazing); along with her whole discography. Honourably mention goes out to the below as it was alive during the time I turned 22:
  2. Yaaaaas come thru mommy! Educating the young gays
  3. Bless her poor soul. Its bothers my soul when I hear these modern day pop stans talk about Janet because the under appreciation is real
  4. Big thumbs up to this thread and I'd like to add that her whole discography post Superbowl needs a justice for trend because Janet has released some absolute bops that got paid dust due to her being banned unrightfully so by ViaCom. If Britney/Beyonce was producing anyone of these at their age everyone would gag and all this is 20+ years into her career.
  5. The world forgot about them tbh But their new stuff is amazing!
  6. These girls deserve some love for carrying on with music. Great music I might add
  7. I mean facts are facts. I can't at the existence of this thread. But this is a Britney Fan forum so I'm not surprised at the responses.
  8. You're reaching with these accusations, I've seen it and she does not look uncomfortable. Why do you wish to keep "some" artist in a bubble of controversy and refuse to accept change and/or growth? Like how do you even begin to justify this. And even IF you perceive her to be uncomfortable in the video, how can you casually throw those accusations around like that. There could be a whole lot of other reasons for someone to not feel comfortable....
  9. Thanks for the explanation and soz for the misunderstanding, I didn't mean all Americans are pro-guns. Just wanted to hear from the general population. But I understand your points and it really confuses me but not surprised as to why universal healthcare has not been implemented there as this would then take away from the massive amounts of money medical cooperations would make as they as they seem to charge a lot more than is necessary. But I guess this is all down the core beliefs on what the country was founded on or those interpreted beliefs.
  10. Sooooo I have a question for all Americans exhalers. Why are Americans so defensive about the right to bear arms; more specifically why is America so pro-guns?
  11. Know your audience maybe!? But in all honestly this is great news for the tennis community in general as a host of big names have said they will not be playing so this is a massive positive! Also I was pleasantly surprised to find this news out here
  12. I can't anyone that voted teenage dream over 1989 seriously... Also the artists names should have been next to the titles. I love phoenix but didn't even recognise it at first
  13. Yeah i'm way ahead of you. Already got it on apple music. Thank you!
  14. I literally came in here to post this! These queens need to get some recognition
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