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  1. Her look at 6:30 the sound engineer was killed backstage
  2. Narcissistic Personalitys are always very charming but very dangerous on the other side. They are very good in manipulating you without you even noticing. And yes I think Trump could be one of them.
  3. Her smile is just perfect. I wish i had such nice teeth.
  4. I remember being on breatheheavy since 2007. I love how much has changed since then. That's my absolute favorite layout. It fit perfectly at the time and somehow still does.
  5. I really love your 4K Videos. I subscripted some days ago! But would it be possible to upload them also on Google Drive, so there would be no need for Alternatives versions (because of copyright)?
  6. I wish she would still be doing that great like in the past but i feel nowadays she is probably more nervous. Her appearance on Jane The Virgin felt completely different.
  7. Did Britney ever danced to the song Rebellion with you or did she talked about it with you?
  8. Sorry, that's all what's on my mind right now but i really love his choreographies! I think nobody knows Britney's body better then him.
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