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  1. No more collabs unless they're with big stars. If she works with anyone she needs to work with Bloodpop. And Burns and Mattman & Robin.
  2. I love Invitation as the opener, since the first time I heard it. I sadly don't get the hype over Mood Ring, I like it and all but I think it's just average.
  3. What rumors about America is 2018?
  4. Is it just me or is everyone else tired of all the leotards Britney wears during her recent concerts (Circus-Piece Of Me tour). It seems all she wears now is leotards, it seems that's all the female pop stars do today. I think she needs a new costume designer for when she does a world tour for B10 (big IF) or if she decides to do another residency in Las Vegas.
  5. I think Oops!...I Did It Again, Circus, Femme Fatale had the best openers.
  6. Who knows if she hates it or not. Hate on the album all you want but single wise that album gave her three very successful top 10 singles that fans and even the GP ate up. I honestly think Hold It Against Me could be added to Piece Of Me if the show is extended for another two years. I mean they are going to need to switch it up and add more songs.
  7. I'd love if she opened with Invitation. I've always had such a soft spot for the song, love it.
  8. I'm honestly surprised Britney just doesn't release the full Private Show video and declare it Single #3. The perfume commercial wasn't bad at all, it suits the song in my opinion. At least us fans would have a whole new video/single and it could be a hot performance if she performed it at POM.
  9. CRUEL! I believed this for a second until I remembered what day it was. Us Britney fans can only dream about a third single. Honestly Liar (or Do You Wanna Come Over) would of been the perfect single choice and would of attracted the GP. The GP eat up songs like Liar especially if they are **** you/liar songs. With a hot video (perhaps a Toxic/Womanizer sequel) and some good marketing I think it could of been a top 10 hit.
  10. I'm 50/50 on this. I don't know how to feel. Part of me likes she wants to stay there because the show itself and Britney's dancing improved but the other part of me wants her out of Las Vegas. It's only because 2018/2019 is TWENTY years. Twenty years. There should be a new album geared with some great promotion, a full era of music videos, a HUGE world tour in celebration on such a milestone, with Las Vegas we won't have that at all if any besides a new album.
  11. Change Your Mind? I love that song but we need a song that would attract the general population now and Change Your Mind just won't do that sadly. We need something like Do You Wanna Come Over. GP loves a great Britney bop and Do You Wanna Come Over is just that. Or If I'm Dancing. That would be an internet hit, hell it already is with all the memes going around about it. Or Liar. If there was a kickass video, perhaps like a sequel to Toxic/Womanizer like video, it would be hot and explode. Plus GP love those kind of "**** you/you're a liar" songs like that.
  12. As much as I love Love Me Down, I don't think it would of been a good single choice. We need a "Britney bop" that the general population will eat up like Do You Wanna Come Over. Or Liar as Single #3. General population love them **** you break up songs like that, plus I think there would be some controversy/speculation about who the song could be about.
  13. They do. Just like her fans saying "She invented twins" when she announced her pregnancy. ***** twins were around before there. This list is ****. Ain't no way that performance is #1 and performances more iconic than that aren't even in the top 5. Oops/Satisfaction and I'm A Slave 4 U should be in Top 5. More iconic than #1 for sure. Just my opinion. Sorry, not sorry.
  14. I know a lot of the movie was made up, based off rumors and stuff but I'm curious did Justin really try to visit her before her performance?
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