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  1. That may be true but Lou is crazier. ***** gotta get caught and go to the slammer already.
  2. I don't care if she was a teenager or not. She still CHOSE to use racial language even though she knew it was wrong, you can't tell me she didn't know it was. We all know using any kind racial language including the "n" word is wrong, it's just some CHOSE to use such language either because they think it's cool and their other friends are using or because...... they're racist. I've known since forever that the word was not a good word to use at all. Just like I knew never to put gorilla Glue in my hair. You just know these things. And I'm in no way saying I'm perfect because I'm not. In my opinion it's a little too late for her apology and what not. She's been exposed, text messages, tumblr and all. Hopefully she had learned but honestly I don't know.
  3. Good movie and all but I was fuming not even two minutes into this movie. Never wish death on a person or character but I was just waiting for that woman to die lol. It's scary how easy it is to get control over someone's life and it's even more scary to finally see what Britney is going through.
  4. They need everyone once connected to Lou to speak up. Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, etc. I don't know who else.
  5. Well this leaves me with mixed feelings. I honestly don't know what to think. She left because of the pressure of being in a group but is going solo. There's gonna be even more pressure now, this is make it or break it for her. The pressure is gonna be insane.
  6. I just can't get behind these two as a couple. I've tried keeping an open mind and all but they just don't have that magic. I don't know if I'm making sense or not. This relationship seems so staged, almost like a PR relationship. Don't hate me but I hate to say it but ever since he's got with Camila he's been flopping. I bought the first song from wonder but didn't buy the album. It's sad I can't even remember what the first single is called. His last album was great. I could play that album from start to finish. Edit: LMAO the first single is the album title 🤣
  7. Ehh Cry me a River! He needed backlash to actually apologize to the two women he publicly destroyed. Too little too late in my opinion. Don't even see this as an actual apology, blaming the industry 🙄! Whatever! Moving on!!
  8. Exactly! Ugh, I wish I lived in the UK to go see them. I don't know if it's just me but the three of them seem so more more into it now more than ever.
  9. That new promotional for the tour is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  10. Apparently a fan base not big enough but that's not their fault, blame it on the label. They could of been globally huge, especially in the US but label apparently didn't want to put any efforts for promotion. I agree with you about Sweet Melody, I believe it would of easily been a hit had this song got mainstream attention, radio play, added to playlists on Spotify, etc but of course their US label sucks ***. During the Christmas season I was actually just listening to some random pop music video playlist and most of the songs I knew then Black Magic and I'm like "WTF. Never heard this song in my life" so I stopped what I was doing and watched it and I'm like "I think I love this". Being a Britney fan I heard of Little Mix (the whole Perrie/Zayn controversy) since they wrote Pretty Girls and all but never thought to check em out until Black Magic played and ever since I've been addicted to their music.
  11. Not surprising. Our country (USA) is ****ty at the distributing the vaccines. My two cousins who work in the medical field (nurse, doctor of physical therapy) got their vaccinations at a Christmas time, they were so ecstatic to get it done and both said neither experience side effects besides a minor ache in their arm where needle went and are due to get their 2nd shot soon. I'm ready to just be vaccinated and get this pandemic over with. I need some normalcy.
  12. Say what? New music 😱I'm so happy! I'm not ready for them to leave us just yet. I just discovered them damn it!
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