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  1. ARREST JAMIE LYNN SPEARS. PS: If mama Lynn had a 4th kid, what would be his/her name ? jamie bryan spears ? britney lynn spears ?
  2. Holy ****! did you see her posting history ? they're all about dance, yoga, and flowers. Please don't spam her, let her have the freedom to post on reddit.
  3. 1st pic : Put me out of my misery 2nd pic : I'm not your ***** !! PS: not wanting to sound like an a**hole but her lips look way better now.
  4. Considering Loucifer is anti gay they'd probably support her sociopathic disgusting self
  5. This is freaking legendary, like brit's whole story is blockbuster movie material, and I cannot wait to watch Lou Larry and Lamie the triple losers go to jail, brit getting back her children while Kfat is left in the dirt with his whole tribe. Revenge is a dish better served cold (although it's been 11 years so it probably melted due to climate change). Knee Ha third diamond album is ******* and she betta drag everyone for filth.
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