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  1. I don’t believe that’s Alice. Not a single bit. This is hers.
  2. has this been AP? This IS definitely HER. When do you think this is from? And also, who is this guy?!
  3. Who is Ellia G?! We know this IS Britney, no doubt. Could this be a new “Mona Lisa”, like a new alias?!?!
  4. So I am sure many of you guys have been waiting for your In The Zone Vinyl to ship, am I correct? Well, I made my order on July 26th with the estimated shipping of August 13, but then it changed to 14th, 15th, and 16th. To this day I have not received a shipping confirmation so I go ahead and contact them. I called and the girl on the phone explains to me that the item is out of stock and that they don’t know when they’re getting more shipments for that item. And I go “Well, didn’t you guys have a “limited” quantity of 5,000 units on the pre-order? How do y’all go about posting it and still letting people pay for their order and shipping then y’all don’t even have the item?!” To which she responds that she can either give me a refund or we can let the order generate and hopefully to get it as soon as it’s available. I decide to keep my order. That was on August 13th (first estimated shipping date). Then I go and see other people posting their Vinyls on YouTube and I get even more heated so I decided to Tweet my thoughts to them to then get a Tweet requesting my e-mail address and confirmation number. I sent it. They still go back to me saying they don’t have a shipping date for me because currently the item is out of stock. Can y’all please explain to me HOW IN THE WORLD could they post a preorder with 5,000 LIMITED UNITS, you get the chance to pay for your order (AKA because it was still “available”) and then they say “sorry, it’s out of stock and we don’t know when you’ll be receiving it? It saddens me so damn much to have gone through this unsatisfactory experience for my favorite Britney Spears album EVER. So disappointed in them as a company and I’m surely never handing my money to them. They used her name as a way of getting people to pay to then keep the money and not being sure of when they’ll even have more. It outrages me. Anyone else experiencing this?
  5. My friend met a Tony, a dancer that was lucky enough to do a lot of dancing for her back in 2004!!!!!!!
  6. I am so saddened about this. I loved UntouchableBritney and KillTheLights. Seriously, I have so many memories when I used to go on those sites. You guys are real heroes for your content and your neatness. You truly have a supporter in me and would love to see y’all moving on onto the next big thing. Many good wishes you guys and hope to visit your amazing site soon. Thank you for ALL the amazing content you have provided all of us throughout the years. Don’t let it die ♥️
  7. Okay first OF all... jesus you’re hot. Great job! Really well done.
  8. Because we are too protective of her and attack anybody who we think hurts Britney lol
  9. Because that was the last year Britney could be with whoever she wanted and do what she wanted? Nobody has been so close with her since then. And I had said that by me not sharing his name you can take it as you want, but thank you for bumping my thread.
  10. I believe that he was still upset from those times, it’s been already 12 years and I’m sure Lynne is helping as much as she can. I do think she is helping.
  11. I had to ask!!! That was literally my final question and told him for the sake of ME to confirm if it did exist or not
  12. I asked this person to give me a little bit of his opinion about the Free Britney movement and I’m just gonna sum it up ‘cause I don’t wanna make a huge thread; but before I do wanna say that every time I message him, I always do get a response and I do believe his side. I’m not sharing his name because he’s already been to jail thanks to Daddy Spears: - He wants us to keep pushing the movement and be more vocal. - He says Britney always wanted to have a normal life; no security, go where she wanted, but her parents didn’t want that for her (and looking back then... I don’t think I would want her THAT exposed to any danger in public). - He doesn’t believe Lynne is actually helping, he says she’s a complicit in all this. And that also she put Britney to a mental facility back then and he asked why commit your daughter to all this and she was laughing as it was nothing. - He says that this is obviously an illegal setup on her part because no one has ever stayed in a conservatorship for this long. - She IS taking medication against her will. - He never liked her fan base but had to let it be because she truly loves us. ♥️ - Rebellion DOES exist in full. By me not sharing his name, you guys can take it how you want and think what you want. We all deserve more information and to free her. We owe it all to her.
  13. He never said it was official. It’s clearly not. But so far it’s thr closest thing we have from an official one. It sounds great.
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