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  1. 6 hours ago, ExtraMile4U said:

    I don't know....that weird look/smile on her face before she answers almost seems like she is covering it up.  I pray to god Britney didn't actually record that songggg.... (Her eyes also shift quickly when he says "Britney Spears")

    Don't overanalyze it. Bebe is generally messy. And that song was never meant for Britney. "Apple" is unreleased track meant for Bebe's AYF PT.2 EP.

  2. That "Apple" song is NOT a demo for Britney. Bebe recorded it for her "All Your Fault: Pt.2" EP, but it ended up being unreleased track, 'cause she changed the concept of EP. I know you guys are thirsty for some new music (aren't we all?), but that rumor is kind of rumor only Fiebre would create. Don't believe in everything you read.

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  3. 1 minute ago, storm said:

    No but as soon as the interviewer mentioned the upcoming tour she said it was nice talking, bye. so maybe theres a new secret

    Gotta love her. Avoiding questions like a pro. :blol:

    He should've asked her about new music instead of tour first. That way, we would have a clue if anything is happening at all. :soyeah: 

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  4. We all know that Britney started posting pictures with apple emoji since the end of last year.


    BURNS tweeted this in January...

    A lot of fans spammed his notifications wanting to know if it is Britney related, but h stayed silent...


    Today he tweeted this...

    I was curious if it is somehow Britney related, so I checked his recent posts/likes. Turns out he liked this tweet...


    "Make Me" 2.0 is coming? :unbelievableney:

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  5. 1 hour ago, Peter Pan said:

    I don’ t think that’s shade. Everything is considered shade nowadays omg haha

    She sounded really petty tho. 


    1 hour ago, Crayboy said:

    Wasn’t that halsey?








    33 minutes ago, Piper Halliwell said:

    um, that was hailey or something,  honey

    meghan is a stan


    No, I was talking about Meghan. I'll try to find it and post it.