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  1. I listen to asmaa lamnawar , thekra and they have big vocals. I saw saad l'amjjard once live and he could sing live very well. Those are the only north african singers am familiar with they songs. I also, occasionally listen to some Moroccan hits and yes they use some auto tune.
  2. I think we are ok with some processed vocals like what Elissa and Hamaki do. But full auto tuned vocals are not well perceived.
  3. I think people need to accept that britney was in love with will i am and wanted to work with him so badly and always mentioned him and how much she loves working with him. She doesn't seem to be that interested in dr.luke even with FF she only mentioned max Martin as if he was the primary producer.
  4. I think they need to do endorsements to support the video's budget. Jive was cheap.
  5. She was depicting double standards that exists in some seemingly conservative families (country club Republicans) who are all about appearances and keeping a perfect image while they have a private life that is contradictory to what they publicly preach.
  6. Shattered glass , lace and leather - circus inside out , how i roll , seal it with a kiss, trip to your heart. FF Hot as ice and ooh ooh baby , freakshow- blackout Invitation, change your minde , do you wanna come over - glory Now that i found you, till it's gone , Alien - BJ Breathe on me , shadow - itz Boys (original) cause i love the bridge - Britney
  7. The song is upeat though and short. I think if they made it slow paced it would not service the song properly. I think sometimes you have to compromise a lil bit to serve both the song and the storyline.
  8. I don't get how kanye made that much. I think it's from the fashion deals not from making music.
  9. I think talent in the middle east is perceived differently than in westren world. We like more tarabi voices and people who can easily hit notes. I don't think auto tune works well with arabic music.
  10. Idg why gays like haifa wehbi. She can't sing or dance and looks plastic as ****.
  11. Hold it agonist me. Probably the best storyline and execution but fans hated it because they only cared about dancing at that time. The video showed her rise and fall and rise again.
  12. My high school crush. After years i found out from a common friend that he slept with a another guy from our school and that he was indeed gay. I was devastated that i didn't get him first so i contacted him and we met but i realised that i was no longer attracted to him nor physically or emotionally. We didn't address anything about sexuality as we both remained in the closet, i even attended his wedding. We live in the middle east so...
  13. This is really good , thank you for your job.
  14. Seal it with a kiss. One of her best songs.
  15. Honestly if she appeals to white people she will not be cancelled! that's the truth. Her issues will only bother the online POC community but the geneal public will eat her music if she still releases good music. If you look at history of pop culture you'll find out that it doesn't really hurt if you say offensive stuff as long as you deliver good products.
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