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  1. portrait

    other It's time we face the facts...

    the song didn't age well
  2. can't wait for her to use the carpet from m&g as a prop
  3. portrait

    tour This is unacceptable SCREAMING

    LOL it's kinda cute though
  4. portrait

    tour POM Meet and Greet Evolution

    is this really her
  5. it's not like she used to dance hardcore nonstop for 90 minutes. there was always a break such as costume changes or moments of more freestyle , ballads etc. she was very young and trained for it.
  6. portrait

    socialney What could she do to look her age?

    she needs a good dermatologist imo... I'm not talking about botox, but there are a lot of skin treatments which can help enhance and stimulate the skin. she's a popstar, what's the big deal? everybody does it.
  7. portrait

    socialney New Drawing on Instagram

    these are better though , more expressive
  8. portrait

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    egocentric flopfan
  9. portrait

    tour Britney’s latest Meet & Greet pics

    britney activates the self-timer
  10. the initiator should get paid for this.. he has the rights
  11. gurl needs to wear some real clothes, HELLOOO this look is ridiculous. it's f**king hidious why her team can tolerate this cheap look? why she can? she's an icon , what's going on with her ? even the person with the ugliest taste would realize that those lingerie outfits are just unacceptable. they should read the reviews from europe...