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  1. coffee, exercise, fresh food, water, dead by daylight video game, wifi, clothes & shoes
  2. coffee is the reason why I get up in the morning
  3. pink is so generic nowadays ... she makes music for 38 year old mommies with her bearded bear belly husbands
  4. i absolutely LOVED this movie. very powerful and so many genres in one movie. it's actually hard to classify it currently I'm watching queer eye... not watching any series right now. last show I really enjoyed was *** Education. Casa de papel was great too, but the last two seasons were like a bit too much lol... Elite was nice, but the last season sucked. I enjoy a lot of spanish movies.. this was the last one I saw: The story follows a group of men who will be marrying in Spain's first same-*** wedding ceremony, and their mothers, who will be attending. oh and I completely forgot to mention the crime story about gianni versace.. was quite good and shocking
  5. what will you do in your 40s? I'm intrigued though. euk 134, wtf? you blocked your face muscles at 26.. you mean botox? wow.. thats early.. but low doses of botox can do wonders to a face..
  6. I thought tinder is grindr for straight people but what do people expect from grindr though? it is what it is... lol. it's all about ***, so people will be superficial. it's meat market
  7. when I was a kid, I could leave my body and fly around.. don't know how to describe it better, but I experienced many out of body experiences (not while dreaming, I was fully awake) .. when I got older I kind of lost this ability, but since then I'm convinced that the soul exists independently from the body. I'm not esoteric or religious , but I think after life the soul will look for a new body, a new life. I don't believe in ghosts though, at least not the cliché horror movie image
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