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  1. Wow well I've been really boping hard to Megan Thee Stallion's new album. It's real hot girl sh.it . Ah . Its really hard to choose which of her songs I like is the best one. But I will put this one:
  2. Wow they are really milking Glory dont they? I suppose these 2 tracks will be available in streaming services right? I've been dying for new Britney songs so incredibly bad. So Im actually pretty excited. Im not gonna stop listening to Britney music just because of the #freebritney situation. Whenever theres Britney music released I will listen. Good luck to her on her battle out of the conservationship tho. She really needs to be set free.
  3. The performance of the night belonged to J.LO and Maluma baby. Their chemistry was on fire. Megan Thee Stallion also had a good performance. Dua Levitated but had some awkward moments. Katy was boring. Didnt care to watch Bieber and The Weekend. Why didnt Lady Gaga perform a mashup of Free Woman/911/Babylon ? Thats all...
  4. I really love Katy. And her album Smile has some really good songs. But looking at how are things right now. She aint gonna win anything. Surprised if she even gets nominated lol
  5. Not you guys letting this thread flop lol. This has quickily climbed to be in my top 3 albums of the year. Ive been boo.ty shaking all day. Her rap game is fierce. Its so so good. My top 3 albums: 1) Chromatica - Lady Gaga 2) Smile - Katy Perry 3) Good news - Megan
  6. Extremely boring. Which is why I absolutely love it. This is completely Lana’s territory. No one else in this industry can do boring without suc.king. Only her. And she slayed the vocals. Still waiting for the new album tho.
  7. Oh it’s explained in my signature: “Whenever I post or read something on Exhale I feel the way Britney felt on Xfactor every time she gave an opinion. A whirlwind of emotions”. Oh and “Sam” at the end because my name is Samuel.
  8. Loved it. She served with the visuals for this performance. Why does she still look pregnant tho?
  9. This looks like Katy's 365. No? I like the song and the visual looks great even tho I dont understand whats going on lol
  10. Tbh Rihanna needs to do 2022. I expect her to stop with that Fenty non sense . Drop the damn R9 album in 2021 and do the Super Bowl next
  11. Does the Weekend dance tho? I really don’t know because JT killed it with the choreography. Specially the CMAR breakdown
  12. Im on a desperate need of new Xtina tunes in my life. Still also waiting on that supossed Spanish album. Come through Legendtina
  13. Well finally after 17 years we can see Legendtina getting her moment without being dramatically interupted by the Trousersnake
  14. Hugs dear. I enjoyed every bit of the show. Much love to you and all the effort you put to it
  15. Omg thank you guys for showing so much love for Rain on me. As a huge thank you. Me and @Roxxy will release the Rain on me (I'd rather by dry remix) with an exclusive new video next week. Surprise!!!. Friday Nov 6
  16. Thank you little monsters and Arianators for voting "Rain on me" for video of the year. Me and @Roxxy want to Rain on you with compliments. We are so grateful for all the love and kindness you have shown to us and we celebrate this award with you.
  17. Thank you guys for voting for this song. It means so much. Thank you thank you. Rain on me is about pushing through pain and heartbreak. And I know you little monsters can identify with its meaning a lot. It was an absolute pleasure to record this song with my girl @Roxxy
  18. Omg. I thank all my little mosters who voted for me. Lets spread love and kindness and positivity during these trying times. Remember to vote for the US elections next week. I love you guys so much. Check out my outfit for the win:
  19. Perfect timing that this song was released on Halloween because it was horrorific. Britney's part is good tho.
  20. Maybe if we both lived in a different world. It would be all good and that song would be a hit but its a shame cause we dont! Yuuuhh
  21. That’s great that she is back in the studio. I need some new Nelly Furtado tunes in my life. Low key hoping it’s a bit similar to Loose (which I know it’s probs not gonna be the case but that’s ok)
  22. Katy darling. I love you. But hun, I think we are all capable of making our own playlists
  23. Hmm I like it. But Im not impressed? The song is a bit bland. The video is a serve tho. Made me like the song a bit more. That been said I hope there are better songs on the album.
  24. King of voting. King of curls. King of arms. King of million dollar smiles. King of everything tbh
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