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  1. We all think it's all about a piece of Britney herself when clearly it wasn't. There's even receipts of what they mean: - a piece of Britney's choreographies: clearly she dances like 1/3 of the song and then goes off to "ooh la la" land - a piece of Britney's live vocals: she speaks live at least twice to say "what's up wherever we are" and "you guys want to get naughtee", and maybe a live song every 4 years before lipping a song that's mostly speaking - a piece of Britney's props: if you're lucky, you'll go on her tour and see maybe her life changing MATM walls or her 2009 Circus tour Radar platforms - a piece of her hair: example below - a piece of Britney's outfits: - a piece of britney's spark: we can see her spark but if you blinked you missed it but if you blinked you get this - a piece of the stage: some days it looks like this another days like this - a piece of M&Gs: sometimes you might get a full set for your $2-worth picture, sometimes you get a different set $0.50-worth picture so now all you haters can back off because Britney was clear on what Piece Of Me was. And she has been very consistent with it 2017  2018 
  2. Dark.Knight

    tour Today is the 1 year anniversary of...

    same night she wore this
  3. Dark.Knight

    tour Are fans allowed keep the work bitch hat on the tour?

    i can see Britney cancelling the show cuz a fan didn't want to give the hat back
  4. Dark.Knight

    music Best unreleased track

    this, it's timeless imo
  5. Dark.Knight

    video This Slave Breakdown Is EVERYTHING

    we found cappy's version for Derrick
  6. Dark.Knight

    video This Slave Breakdown Is EVERYTHING

    watch Britney find this video and copy it
  7. Your choice Mall Tour Baby One More Time Tour Crazy2k Tour Oops I Did It Again Tour Dream Within A Dream Tour Onyx Hotel Tour M+M Tour Circus Tour Femme Fatale Tour Piece Of Me 1.0 Piece Of Me 2.0 Update: POM 2018 Tour
  8. not me, i never liked the song
  9. Dark.Knight

    music Your favorite album + era combo and why

    the Britney era was my favorite but I'll go with the Oops era, there was still more mystery
  10. I remember bringing this game here years ago, and I'm bored so let's do it again Expectation Reality Expectation Reality
  11. Dark.Knight

    event What was your first reaction to Pom

    but then BTI came long
  12. Dark.Knight

    tour POM Meet and Greet Evolution

    this is probably my favorite one and my 2nd favorite one
  13. Dark.Knight

    tour Isn't POM Show a kind of a record or smth ??

    a broken record
  14. Dark.Knight

    Expectation vs Reality (HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY)

    Expectation Jan 2016 - February 2016 POM 1.0 - POM 2.0 Reality December 2017 - June 2018 Watered down POM 2.0 - POM 2.0 under-budget version