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  1. Dark.Knight

    other Does Britney look older than her age?

    i'll change it for you
  2. Dark.Knight

    other Does Britney look older than her age?

    depends on the day
  3. Dark.Knight

    tour London stage WILL have catwalk

    and opening with Overprotected
  4. Dark.Knight

    exhale GAME: Let's Predict Britney's Future Quotes

    "Now that I'm in my 40s I have told myself to slow down. I think the highlight of my whole career has been the Piece Of Me show, I don't think I ever worked as hard as I did there and it hasn't been as hard since honestly. I'm in a great place right now, my boyfriend Quentin always treat me well, I'm glad he's in Jayden's kinesiology class so they can keep each other company while learning. I'm taking my time on this new album, it's my 11th so I have to make sure it works well. I am working on a collab with Miley Bieber so I'm very excited about that. We're meeting today and having a vegetable-free salad"
  5. it's been happening since 2016  
  6. Confessions of the Knee Tapping Explosions but it'll never be published because it'll be scrapped
  7. Dark.Knight

    socialney Britney on insta 2.0

  8. i imagine she does the breast explosions when she's putting on her bra
  9. Dark.Knight

    music This new Britney impersonation

    he should do one doing POM
  10. Dark.Knight

    socialney Funny impersonation of instagramney

    AP but thanks
  11. Dark.Knight

    music This new Britney impersonation

    why am I seeing the same picture twice?
  12. i imagine her doing it in her sleep and while driving
  13. Dark.Knight

    music Who else loves 'Heart'?

    more personal than BJ and Glory combined
  14. I was tired since the rumors started early 2013
  15. and they say she doesnt care about her prime
  16. why not live vocals on top of more live vocals?
  17. Dark.Knight

    exhale ITZ-ney... is that you??? :O

    i can agree with that