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    other Just Bought Prerogative

    thanks for letting us know i was gonna buy it but i don't wanna waste my money on something i wouldn't like, sucks that it happened to you though
  2. cuz she didn't write the song they need approval from the original songwriters/label
  3. Dark.Knight


    "buy my new perfume Prerogative, because it's for all our prerogatives"
  4. could be copyright issues, maybe bobby brown didnt approve it.
  5. Dark.Knight

    music Quavo (from Migos) uploaded the video.. fml

    that's Britany, Britney retired in 2005 when she gave birth
  6. i want the next perfume ad to be like this
  7. Britney being sexy, that's something she's never done before
  8. Dark.Knight

    socialney Britney Is Cute As A Daisy In New Promo Pics!

    i see her wearing that dress for the neon section
  9. Dark.Knight

    news Some "new" infos

    Apple Pie went from 5th Harmony, to Britney, and now Xtina has it
  10. she's always had about 2 mins to change in all her tours
  11. i wouldn't consider him a troll because he doesn't attack anyone nor says things to just piss people off, he's actually very respectful but yeah he's still delusional
  12. i don't even care if she performs for 10 people, if she's sucking right now in small theaters as a performer, she's gonna suck equally at big stadiums. Venues aren't the issue
  13. exactly, people didnt really care about how 'hard' Britney danced. It was all in the charisma, and the simplicity of it. OIDIA is very simple and people to this day remember it Now you have songs like Hold On Tight and Britney doing
  14. Dark.Knight

    news Some "new" infos

    I kind of believe you cuz I think I remember you posting about something a few months ago and after everyone bashed you, it was a true and if it's not, oh well