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  1. Dark.Knight

    exhale How Much You Wanna Bet Britney Will...

    and the dancers form a human wall so the fan doesn't get to touch Britney or even look at her
  2. when she tries to go high, she either switches to a falsetto or puts tension on her vocal chords instead of using her diaphragm
  3. Dark.Knight

    exhale Is Britney Alienating us?

    I believe Cappy is just as tired as everyone else of Britney's antics, but plays as her unconditional follower because he knows that it'll create chaos and bring unity in the forums for the common purpose of knowing that Britney is lazy he probably works undercover for jordan because it creates more traffic
  4. she will slay those cheetos backstage
  5. Dark.Knight

    exhale New Fantasy perfume (+ new promo pic)

    well you've jinxed it
  6. Dark.Knight

    exhale Predict Britney's future

    buys hawaii
  7. also filming her MMC reunion special with all the celebrities who came from there
  8. 2016 VMAs sucked so that's not a hard thing to compare it to
  9. You're only allowed to use 3. Which one would they be? They can either be outfits or looks Mine would be (I'm sure the JTV dresses will make the list so I won't even bother):