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  1. there's claps and heartbreaks , i feel like I'm in a taylor swift music video lol
  2. nice! with that rank, now I have to be selective on who to reply to here
  3. in terms of sound yes it's hold well to this day, but the song isn't THAT great IMO Toxic is still being played on a weekly basis on many radio stations and it still sounds fresh I think some of her 'still fresh' singles pre-circus are: DLMBTLTK, Toxic, BTI
  4. no , it's one of her weakest IMO. The song wouldn't have done nearly as well if it wasn't for the VMA performance
  5. Nobody: Nobody online: Nobody on exhale: Jordan: lEt's cHaNgE ThE WhOlE FoRuMs dEsIgN
  6. what the heck has happened to the forums? exchanges? pump? air? I'm not even sure if the 'submit' button really submits a reply
  7. people don't realize that that's the actual speed of the performance
  8. @ILikeChillinWithYou new track leak: Baby Shark
  9. you quoting me even before I voted I'll give you 2nd choices here then: Sometimes The Hook Up Up & Down
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