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  1. on a serious note, if you think about it having a steady career for almost 20 years, i don't really blame her to aim lower and keep it steady most people who've worked 20+ years would like to as well with that said, she shouldn't expect the ROI to be the same has she did back in her prime
  2. Dark.Knight

    other DWADney looking like 2018ney

    true and on that pic Britney had been dancing her butt off 2018ney looks like that performing by just walking onstage
  3. does that mean that we're gonna see heart-shaped spray on abs?
  4. why are you stealing my posts?? especially hours before I think about posting them
  5. it's going to be filmed...i mean it's gonna be a film on the screens of her Apple Music Festival show
  6. Dark.Knight

    music “Me Against the Music” 15th anniversary

    I think MATM could had been ahead of its time, because I agree, it didn't sound great back then but by now it sounds good. It just didn't scream "lead single" material, even The Hook Up did (to an extent). I actually like the Penelope Magnet version much better than Madonna's, I always felt that Madonna ruined the song
  7. without being rude, britney's happiness isn't my problem. she's an entertainer so i expect her to deliver. if thats isn't the case then she should retire and do what she's really passionate about
  8. i watched the whole thing \ britney would never get that personal again
  9. you can tell that one of her sons filmed it due to the angles