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  1. I know this is terrible and I usually refrain from saying things regarding someone's appearance...but omg her teeth!! What a shame! Coming for Madonna's gap! 😩😩
  2. Seems like she doesn't want people to know she's there. I saw an instant story JL posted where they painted chalk balloons with their nAMes on them. Maddie, Ivey, JL, Lynne and Britney , all posed except Britney. And another video where u could clearly hear Britney laughing behind the camera. Wonder why?
  3. I'm a hairstylist so ive already given myself a couple of haircuts since this mess has started 💁🏼‍♂️
  4. I've never understood anyone who could "hate" Britney. not care for her or her music, sure but the word hate and Britney does not resignate with me. Not just as a stan but honestly what has this woman ever done to make someone HATE her ?
  5. The salon is Rita Hazan salon. The girl had nothing to gain from telling me anything about any of the celebrities. Me being the big fan I am had to ask. She said she also loves britney. She wasn't just one to wanted to speak ill of her. It wasn't the "watching cartoons" thing that bothered me. Just the way she described her demeanor, simply made me a little sad. We all know she not likely has some form of mental illness but it's so rare we ever get a glimpse into what she's really like and whenever I hear someone talk about her, I'm all ears. Take away from it what you want. It's not really "news". But things have been slow w B news lately so I thought I'd share. Also there are candids that day arriving to RCMH, Its apparent she just got her hair done. Wether it's good or not, leave it up to you.
  6. So I am a hairstylist in NY and I talked to a fellow stylist who works as an assistant to Rita Hazan (celebrity stylist) and she was talking about the different celeb clients and she mentioned britney and of course I'm like "hold up!" At first I was like I don't believe that because the salon is in NY and why would B be getting her hair done here. I'm like when was this ? She said it was when she was here last year for the POM tour. I of course asked what she was like, but didn't want to act too obsessive. She said everyone was forbidden not to ask her for anything to drink. She said the whole time she was getting her hair did she was on her phone watching cartoons and every now and then she would say something (as if she was talking to herself) and then she'd go back to watching cartoons. She said she obviously was not right in the head. It made me sad. Especially because we all can be so judgemental of her but in actuality we have no idea what's going on in her head. Anyways I'm happy she's taking this break. I think it will be good for her, although I miss her social media presence!
  7. I think that when and if she gets freed from the conservatorship she will then regain her passion. I think she is just run down from the fact that she has been basically on a leash for the past 11 years, she's almost given up. I just pray the leash will be cut soon enough. Then I believe she will be able to come back (on her own terms) and because she is able to call the shots, the passion will return. Some of you may not agree, but I will never stop rooting and believing in her. I know she still has it in her, just give it time. She's been going basically non stop for 20 years. Look at Janet, she left the industry and was basically unseen for over 5 years. She came back , and she's touring, winning awards left and right. She regained her passion and she's killing it (and in her 50s). I refuse to give up on Britney.
  8. Tbh I'm anticipating her look more than her announcement today. I just really hope that we get a really glammed up Britney and not some half assed hair and makeup. I'm not expecting much based on the last 2 years. But one can wish she starts this era off by at least looking beautiful and on point. What are your predictions for B's look today? I predict messy long loose waves, semi decent but basic makeup and a predictable short fitting herve ledger type dress.
  9. Also it makes me sad to think that I honestly don't think Britney gives a **** about memorbilia from throughout her career. She doesn't know where it's at or who has it. Makes me wonder if there's any iconic items from her career that she does treasure. Besides the DLMBTLTK booty shorts
  10. What a shame some of the most iconic outfits in pop history are just hanging in some random person's closet. At least half of these should be in a museum, or I wish Britney had kept them. That being said, I would kill for the Slave and VMA dress.
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