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    other positive thread.....Britney's laugh

    """##sound """#therapy
  2. Oh my god tikme to love everything about it even more it is so refreshing to read it on a morning after sleepless night and too many degrees of weather, i feel like in a sauna @ home but the atmosphere is just about to get a little chillier hopefully for a longest time and these kind of articles definitely helpz
  3. Diamond Horse

    Ashlee Simpson's New Album Out This Fall!

    I am happy So enormously good to see this face so actualily too !! totally down she is in my childhood memory i love how she just cheered me up through the coldest winter and toughest night and now she cheers me up through the warmest summer. and then fall!
  4. Diamond Horse

    rumor Celebrity Psychic Reads Britney's Future

    hey you hey yo hey yo
  5. Diamond Horse

    it's a free world

    A? N/A?
  6. so just bow to me like i am the only truth like i am the woman in the clow that you just can't touch like i am the door that you don't see
  7. Yeah i kno right your whole life at stake in a dawn funeral THIS EXPLAINS EVERYTHING
  8. what the f**k it ain't " " you are in my hands but dare you do choose the right way
  9. I think I have to ask advice from @breatheheavy if it is okay otherwise i will just get banned :D What I do is conventional but not for Breatheheavy standards perhaps.. I have noticed though that I generally rather agree in times I get wp-s Usually it is somthing that is right But you never know sometimes there might be a time when i get banned and i feel i have really done nothing wrong what is spam? what is meaning whose it is to decide remember the gfuihserilutghrigurhoight posts??? ...
  10. I am all about understanding for those who want to know me
  11. im already left for now * inserts a crazy shining and shrining wts here * (eyes, shinink yes)
  12. gosh she is so bveautiful a one of a kind mediterrian beauty
  13. downvote putton is in your hands entice me with your mindlessness
  14. if you don't want to well i don't blame you jk i will
  15. find the clues my posts are all about love ffs work & notice
  16. could you leave could you leave could you leave could you leave could you leave could you leave could you leave
  17. Is it possible to be #"#¤stiffer**````=============#######%%&(=)()¤)(#&()/&)#)% /(%()&(/#%)%/()&¤()/()%)((#%)()¤#)&)%)(#%)%)(&#()5639898634963390 than the pole???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????