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  1. Life a beautiful and fragile thing

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    2. Britneybbhmm


      Awww I'm happy as well! U r one of the nice and positive Exhalers, very very nice and yeah I know the singer, her quotes r so so powerful and helped me to move on! :crying1:

      Thanks to u too.:mcry: It means a lot.

    3. Diamond Horse

      Diamond Horse

      Wow, often I forget about this warm glow in my heart. Right now is totally not one of these times. My life just seemed a little down, recently it is much better. I have to thank you for that too - One other singer said that it hurts her when we don't put love first and let's just say it is really important to do so.

      I am so grateful.

      You saying so nice things, I feel, kinda connects my past with the present for me. Somehow.

      BTW which singer do you mean? I just have to check just in case if we mean the same singer, cause this singer is like not well known at all and maybe I could discover yet a new singer or discover something new about some singer I know. I am so curious about it right now. Could it be that two or more singers have said it? But I do love the attitude of the singer I meant. 

    4. Britneybbhmm


      Oops I thought it's Britney's quote. I meant Britney. I love ha quotes tbh. :makeitrain:

      Sorry for confusing u. :o Lol.