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  1. i love it plus, just a sidenote: "the intensity" of dancing is not always correlated with how many fucks someone gives.
  2. The prince from TANGLED just came alive for me http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/Tangled-movie-image-34.jpg So fun, everything what a Britney show can do Sometimes I am Not into cartoons but now I gotta watch it :D
  4. Let's celebrate tonight here! And by that time the show has officially begun.
  5. Diamond Horse

    Chester Bennington Memorial Thread

    This picture alown makes me happy! And I wonder how come there are so many cool souls surrounding us! It makes me so grateful!
  6. yehhhhhH! she puts everything into it i really admire it about her
  7. OMG I get to post thelegendaryWalk it Like I talk II8T... section what is life it is really alternative but let's be honest here it is kinda legendary and i can't believe it either way what is life i really like how she does it with such a poise and accuracy sensation notice
  8. Diamond Horse

    Chester Bennington Memorial Thread

    Chester, you bring a smile to my face
  9. i couldn't even believe it. she is so strong for holding on!
  10. Diamond Horse

    tour What’s going on with her here? Please answer.

    Said it right there. You are not the one to know 100% what she feels on stage. How could you? You can't read her thoughts. The reason I asked does she have to smile: well, how should she be on stage that you would be happy? "Normal"? What's "normal"? Just trying to understand what the heck do you want from her to look your kind of "okay".
  11. omgggggggggggg firstpicturreeehhhhh sdughsdfiuoghfdiughfiu so happpyyyyyyy
  12. No but help me search if you wanna! I use this - https://www.hashatit.com/hashtags/pieceofme